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Great News! PTL

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Jamie D.It is with great joy that I announce that my brother appears to have won the battle against throat cancer.  His PET Scan results came back good and we are saying “Thank you God” because He intervened when medical teams had just about counted him out.

Jamie is coming back after a long, hard, fight! Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow.

It isn’t completely over as far as his circumstance, because he still has to get back his swallow reflex so he can eat normally, but now that he has been relieved of a heavy burden – not knowing if he still had cancer or not – he can concentrate on speech exercises.

Chemotherapy and radiation took a great toll on him, and he has had a terribly hard time of it, very difficult, but if they have saved his life, then we are grateful that they were applied.

This is a picture taken a few weeks ago. Jamie has always been a handsome man and he still is at the age of 73.  We are so thankful that God has shown him mercy and extended his life. Now it is up to him to make the most of it – and because every day is precious, I’m sure he will.  God bless you, brother!  

“Just Being Jana”

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JanaI walked out of the building after a long…long…long…day and was startled by a man across the parking lot making smooching noises, whistling and clapping his hands at me. After the day I had I was in no mood for this. I took off my sunglasses, put my hands on my hips, cocked my head sideways for maximum effect and said “You have got to be kidding me! Does that ever work for you?” I then followed it up with “Moron”. It was at this point a little dog ran out from under the car beside me and jumped right into the man’s arms. “Well….Lookey there…It does work.” I’ll be hiding in my room if anyone needs me….

Jana Caldwell can be found on FB; Sales Associate with Carter City and County Realty;  and

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Meet Davy, a new member of the Knowles household.

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A few months ago, Davy,  a mature Cane Corso Mastiff,  joined  the Knowles family. Linda and adult son Chris rescued Davy from an unhappy situation, and he is doing just fine in his new digs.

When I met Davy, at first glance he was off-putting, looking like a tough guy behind the fence; but as Linda introduced him to me, I found the big guy to be pleasant and I didn’t feel threatened.

To learn more about Davy’s  breed, I went to

Noble, majestic, and powerful in presence, the Cane Corso is a muscular and large-boned breed. One of two native Italian “mastiff type” dogs that descended from the Roman canis Pugnaces, the breed’s name derives from the Latin “Cohors” which means “Guardian” and “Protector.”

The breed’s coat is short but not smooth (like the coat of a cow), very coarse and thick in order to be perfectly waterproof. It can be black, gray, fawn or red, with brindle variations and a black or gray mask also acceptable.

The Cane Corso is a native of Italy. He was a property watchdog and hunted wild boar. Prior to 1988, the Cane Corso was known only in southern Italy, and was considered very rare, but has still been featured in many paintings throughout Italy’s history.

Intelligent, the Cane Corso is easily trained. As a large and athletic breed, they need a lot of exercise. They are affectionate to their owner and bond closely with children and family. Cane Corsos are light shedders, which make grooming simple – all they need is an occasional brushing.

Sounds as if he will be a good friend and protector for the Knowles. Best wishes to Davy, Linda and Chris as they share their home and lives, looking out for each other.
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