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Allergies . . . no fun!

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Greyson Levy


Young Greyson Levy, a friend’s son, bares his back to show the results of allergy shots.  He will probably have to take shots, as his mother Jen does.  

from webMd:

Allergy testing involves having a skin or blood test to find out what substance, orallergen, may trigger an allergic response in a person. Skin tests are usually done because they are rapid, reliable, and generally less expensive than blood tests, but either type of test may be used.

Skin tests

A small amount of a suspected allergen is placed on or below the skin to see if a reaction develops. There are three types of skin tests:

  • Skin prick test. This test is done by placing a drop of a solution containing a possible allergen on the skin, and a series of scratches or needle pricks allows the solution to enter the skin. If the skin develops a red, raised itchy area (called a wheal), it usually means that the person is allergic to that allergen. This is called a positive reaction.
  • Intradermal test. During this test, a small amount of the allergen solution is injected into the skin. An intradermal allergy test may be done when a substance does not cause a reaction in the skin prick test but is still suspected as an allergen for that person. The intradermal test is more sensitive than the skin prick test but is more often positive in people who do not have symptoms to that allergen (false-positive test results).
  • Skin patch test. For a skin patch test, the allergen solution is placed on a pad that is taped to the skin for 24 to 72 hours. This test is used to detect a skin allergy called contact dermatitis.

Blood test

Allergy blood tests look for substances in the blood called antibodies. Blood tests are not as sensitive as skin tests but are often used for people who are not able to have skin tests.

Judy Elliott Growing Gardens – Weird but Clever -Actually it is pretty cool.

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judy Elliott growing gardens

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buck usher

This year, Thanksgiving + Hanukkah equals something very rare: Thanksgivukkah

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November 11


The Kansas City Star

Somebody call Adam Sandler. We need another Hanukkah song.This year, thanks to an extremely rare convergence, Thanksgiving (Nov. 28) falls during the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights. Some are calling it “Hanu-giving.” Others prefer “Thanksgivukkah.”

Hit it, Adam.

“Tell your Aunt Viv-ica … Here comes Thanks-givukkah!”


From a purely numerical standpoint it’s a pretty big deal. Math geeks say the last time it happened — at least since President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday — was 1888. And by one calculation it won’t happen again for another — hold onto your latkes — 79,000 years.

Seventy-nine-thousand, forty-three years, to be exact. But who’s counting?


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Giving thanks for loving parents.

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I was home for my summer visit with Mama andDaddy in 1969 when this snapshot was taken. I don’t think I have another one of just the three of us together, so I love having this one.  In the background is our big Oak tree.

Now that I am at least ten years older than Mama was in this picture I can’t help but yearn for the time when I was young, and so were they.  It all went much too quickly.  

By this time I was living in California and my summer vacations spent with them were precious.  I loved being  ‘home’ again.  They were always busy working, but on this day I asked them to stop a minute for  a picture and they obliged.   Sitting  between them made me feel like a child again, safe and special.

Loving parents . . . how can we ever thank God enough for them?

Santana Piano Movers – A Family Connection

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 The Founder of this excellent company is Joel Santana, pictured on the left, the father of my future daughter-in-law, Alicia Santana.  Tivo Santana, eldest son, is the president. (pictured below)

From their website:1453489_178204059044131_1814090624_n

Santana Piano Movers (a subsidiary of J&P Corporation) is a family owned business built from the ground up in 1993. Drawing on our founder’s 30 plus years of experience, our highly skilled movers have the knowledge and expertise necessary to handle moves of varying degrees of difficulty. Based in Lynwood, CA, to conveniently serve all of our California destinations, we’ve built a stellar reputation for quality care and professional service. Santana Piano Movers is bonded and insured.

Piano Moving
Santana Piano Movers is one of the largest piano moving companies in Southern California. Equipped with a fleet of bobtail trucks, ranging in size from 18 to 24ft, we are able to transport up to 18 grand pianos in a single truck. We hand-craft and custom build much of our equipment to accommodate the delicate nature of the pianos we transport.Tivo

Piano Storage
With a warehouse of over 18,000 sq. ft., Santana Piano Movers provides a secure storage space that is adjacent to the main office and is monitored by cameras 24 hours a day. Two expansive areas are used to house a large quantity of units for manufacturers and dealers, while separate smaller climate-controlled rooms are used to safeguard personal units for individual customers.    
Tivo Santana, President

  (323) 569-1022  ·  11350 Wright Rd., Lynwood, CA 90262

For more information go to


Giving thanks for photography – capturing the moments of our life.

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Clark Burrow escorted me in our High School Homecoming procession. Earlene Brown and Sammy Spencer were next in line.

Ah yes, I remember it just as if it were, well . . . fifty three years ago!

Today’s moment of thanks-giving is for photography  and the pleasure it provides in linking us to the past.

Who do we thank for inventing the camera?

Alexander Wolcott invented the first camera and was patented in 1840. However, the principle of making pictures was created by Joseph Nicephore Niepce.

 In 1826 Charles and Vincent Chevalier in Paris created the first camera that could take photos.

Then in 1827, the Frenchman Joseph Niepce managed to make a photographic image.

Wouldn’t those guys be shocked and delighted at how far we have come in photography?

“Hey, Mr. Wolcott, we can take pictures with our telephones!  “

“No kidding? Uh, what’s a telephone?”

(Mr. Bell didn’t invent the phone until 1876.)

‘For All We Know’ . . . 20 Year old Karen Carpenter

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“Just Being Jana”

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JanaRan into a friend of mine that had an allergic reaction to some sunscreen. Had no idea she was allergic to it until it was too late. Made me think about the day we discovered Mike was allergic to aloe vera. He had come home from fishing with a bad sunburn so we lathered him up with it. When it set him on fire we discovered aloe is not his friend. From then on we were diligent in watching for everything that had aloe in it. And…It was truly an unfortunate accident when he discovered that Charmin makes a toilet paper with aloe in it….Truly unfortunate.

Jana Caldwell can be found on FB; Sales Associate with Carter City and County Realty;  and

 If you enjoy Jana’s humor, check out her new book, “Thursday Night Confessions” available on Amazon.


Zayd Nagy has only been in the world for two months, but parents Maja and Steve says he has everything under control.

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