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“Just Being Jana”

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JanaSitting here having my coffee and chatting with my sister who slept on the sofa last night. I was in the middle of a sentence and was interrupted with snoring. She literally fell asleep in the middle of our conversation. Putting people in a comatose state before 7am? Should make for an interesting day…. I’m currently making a list of people I want to go talk to…

Jana Caldwell can be found on FB; Sales Associate with Carter City and County Realty;  and   If you enjoy Jana’s humor, check out her new book, “Thursday Night Confessions” available on Amazon.


Sgt. Stubby – Canine Hero

March 31st, 2014 1 comment

Sergeant Stubby (1916 or 1917 April 4, 1926), was the most decorated war dog of World War I and the only dog to be promoted to sergeant through combat.  America’s first war dog, Stubby, served 18 months ‘over there’ and participated in
seventeen battles on the Western Front. He saved his regiment from surprise mustard gas attacks, found and comforted the wounded, and even once caught a German spy by the seat of his pants (holding him there til American Soldiers found him).

Sorry to disappoint you Grandma . . .

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Baby booties that I wore as a babe

Made by the hands of my grandmother.

Delicate and sweet, crocheted  before I was born,

Not hand-me-downs from another.

The Baby booties give a clue 

To disappointment

 If the truth were aired. 

Grandma  had wanted a boy,

 I can tell by the blue ribbons she tied there.



Sketch and rhyme by Mary Taylor

March 30th, 2014 Comments off

Don’t forget to check the Berry College Eagle Cam.  Amazing view, close up and personal!

Helping others, that’s what it’s all about! Good for you, Carolyn and Stan!

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From our friend Stan on FB:

P1000318_0092-1Just finished our first day of delivering meals on wheels. I did it for 5 years and got tired of it so took off for a while and decided it was a way to force me out and to do some thing besides set and play on the computer.Carolyn is going along to help me out. Right now it is only one day a week but will take another day before long. The bright side is that we are I hope making those who are shut in, have a good meal and see a smiling face.

Want it? Lock it!

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Do you keep your car locked at night?  How about during the day when it is sitting in front of your house or in your driveway?

As part of our Neighborhood Watch, I receive crime reports in our area. I forward them to over 30 neighbors on my part of the street.

Along with the reports are warnings to keep all vehicles locked.

Today I got an email from one of the neighbors that someone had taken everything from their glove compartment .

“Was it locked?” I asked.

” I think we forgot to lock it.”

Okey, dokey then.

I remind all of us again that we don’t want to make it easier for criminals who go around taking things that don’t belong to them.  They are always on the lookout for opportunities of easy access: an open window, an unlocked car, a mistake.

I know all of us may forget now and then, but as a rule I hope that we will practice this simple motto:

Keep ’em locked!

Should you exercise when you are sick?

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AARP Magazine says:


When it comes to exercise and illness, your neck is the dividing line.  

If your symptoms are at or above the neck – sore throat, nasal congestion, watery eyes – a workout is fine. (Unless you have a fever; then take a few days off.)

If your symptoms are below the neck – chest congestion, hacking cough, stomach flu – it’s better to rest for a few days.

Now you know.

Best Friends Forever . . . Do you have an Ethel or a Lucy in your life? Lucky you.

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“Yep, it was a roller.”

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I was watching American Pickers when my recliner started to move.  hmmm.  I looked up and the ceiling fan was swaying.  Since the room has a lot of window glass, I went into the other room.  It was one of the most gentle tremors I have felt, but I certainly felt it.

My first thought, of course, was of Alice and Tim.  To my text whether they felt it, he wrote, “Yep, it was a roller.”

That’s right, it was.  I’d rather have a roller than a jolt.  That’s the one that makes my heart thump.

Some things we experience in life are like that.  Some roll over us without much impact, only slightly shaken, while others leave our hearts beating extra hard and our chests filled with anxiety.  Such is the case with my sister being so ill.  It has been a jolt to my system.  If you have gone through this with a loved one then you know what I mean.  

Let’s pray:  Our Heavenly Father, we can not always be prepared for the traumas that come into our lives.  Losing loved ones is at the top of the list.  Please dear God, ease the pain and suffering that fills so many homes and hospitals right now.   We are in your hands Father, now and forevermore. Help us to accept what we can not change, trusting that you are in control. In your son’s name, Amen

“Farmer Brown’s Been Creative With the Hay Again!”

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