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Churchgoing, how it has changed

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The weekend is here.  Will you be going to church?

I’m sorry to say there is actually a very small percentage of people who go to church on Sunday. At one time the number was probably much higher. I know for me personally there was a time I was going to church on Wednesday nights, Sunday morning at 9:45 and staying through church service which usually was over around 12 o’clock. Then we returned on Sunday night around seven until 830 or nine. We often went out for a late dinner with friends after church getting us home even later.

these days it would be hard to find a church with services on Sunday night. I think the main reason they stopped is because only  2% of people who attended church came back on Sunday night. I can’t help but think that the preachers’ families were as happy as everyone else to forgo that late Sunday evening service. That may sound bad, but it did add to the stress of the weekend to be busy the night before going back to work/school on Monday morning. Their kids were like everybody else’s and at times  procrastinated on homework until the last minute.

The biggest struggle for me as a teenager was not being able to watch Judy Garland  whose show came on during church time on Sunday nights. I loved Judy and considered it a major sacrifice that I had to miss seeing her every Sunday night. If we only had DVRs back then! If we weren’t sick, we went to church on Sunday nights. Daddy said if we didn’t go to church we couldn’t go anyplace else. I rarely broke that rule while  living at home, although I may have given in to a sneeze or two in order to stay home to watch Judy.

Yeah, I still miss my sweet, funny, little Ralph E. Boy!

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Special Connections

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Grandpa Larry Borland with youngest grandson, Will. 

Australian Thorny Devil – Cute and Cuddly?

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Australian Thorny Devil

The thorny devil’s fearsome appearance belies its true nature. Less than 20 cm long, this slow-moving creature feeds solely on ants.

Attractively dappled with yellow, orange, brown and white markings, the thorny devil can change its colour according to the amount of sunlight and its surroundings. Combined with its unpalatable spines, the lizard’s camouflage provides an effective defence against predators. But scientists are still unsure about the purpose of the large “horns” above each eye and the strange spiked hump behind the lizard’s head. The hump, which looks a bit like a second head, is probably a defence mechanism lowered to distract pecking predators such as birds. The horns may be used to store body fat or water.

Where does it live?

The thorny devil is found throughout the arid regions of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, south-western Queensland and western South Australia, living in sand, spinifex grasslands and scrub. It is very common throughout the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, especially in the red sands on Peron Peninsula, and at Nanga and on the coastal highway south of Carnarvon. Ideally adapted to its harsh environment, it uses tiny channels between the scales on its belly and legs to collect morning dew and water from damp sand. The water travels up these channels by capillary action to the lizard’s mouth.

How does it breed?

The thorny devil can live for at least twenty years and starts breeding at three years of age. Like other dragon lizards it attracts a mate with elaborate courtship rituals, including leg-waving and head-bobbing! In November and December the female lays a clutch of 3–10 eggs in a chamber burrowed up to 30 cm below the surface. Incubation depends on weather conditions, with warmer temperatures reducing hatching time from 18 weeks to about 13 weeks. Once hatched, the young lizards start eating ants almost immediately. Oblivious to the ants’ bites, they lie on an ant trail or nest and may lick up 1,000 ants in a single meal!

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How is this for a beautiful display of fruit?

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Oh No! One ‘selfie’ too many!

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A Gracious letter from Maya Angelou to the Fayetteville, AR Public Library

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544769_10150667693066816_1938910273_nFrom my cousin Paula Bookout on FB, May 26, 2014

Our friend Paul Johnson posted this beautiful statement from Maya Angelou:

Maya Angelou, who died today, was forced because of ill health to cancel an April speaking engagement at the Fayetteville Public Library, where my son, David, is the executive director. She sent the following poignant letter regarding her inability to come to FPL. It’s one of the greatest letters I’ve ever read:

Dr. Angelou issued this statement in regards to missing the FPL appearance:

“Dear Fayetteville Public Library, Arkansas Family and Friends,

I am profoundly saddened that I am unable to be with you on Friday, April 11, 2014. I long to come to the state of Arkansas, in general, and I long to be in Fayetteville, in particular. I learned in Arkansas at a very young age from my grandmother who taught me, ‘when you learn, teach and when you get, give’.

“In Arkansas I also learned not to complain. I was taught that there are people all over the world who have less than I have and who would give anything for a portion of my possessions. They went to sleep last night as I went to sleep and they never awakened. Their beds have become their cooling boards and their blankets have become their winding sheets and they would give anything and everything for what I was complaining about.

“In Arkansas, I learned to trust love, not the romance of it, but the heart of it. In Arkansas I learned to have respect for friendship, to honor it, to trust it and to build it.

“An unexpected ailment put me into the hospital. I will be getting better and the time will come when I can receive another invitation from my state and you will recognize me for I shall be the tall Black lady smiling.

“I ask you to please keep me in your thoughts, in your conversation and in your prayers.

I am,
Maya Angelou”

Flavia and Brisa – Beautiful!

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Flavia & Brisa

If this is a problem to you . . .

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. . .then your problem is solved!

You’re welcome!


Working hard for breakfast! Aren’t you glad you get your cereal out of a box?

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