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Reactions to a Bullfight in Spain

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I went to the bull fights in 1956 while visiting Barcelona Spain while serving in the Navy.Those folks take that very seriously as we found out kind late into the killing of 8 bulls, two of them from the backs of horses. I don’t know what my mind set was when I went into the arena called Place of the Bulls, but it didn’t take me long to see that I just couldn’t enjoy what was going on in front of that packed arena. Several of the many sailors that was there started to cheer for the bull and soon found out that we needed to grit our teeth and keep our mouth shut as we were not making friends . It was a sight I will never forget. Stan Hicks

Stan, I had a similar experience about ten years later.

One of the perks of teaching school in Germany at  an Army post, was that I could take trips such as the one I took to Madrid, Spain. The highlight of the trip was to see a bullfight. For some reason, probably reading Hemingway’s books, I thought this was something I just had to see and was excited at the thought of being in that colorful environment.

Approaching the arena filled with cheering people, it had the  atmosphere of a festival or an athletic competition.  It was exciting, ah yes, right out of a novel.

I  got into the spirit of the event as the crowd gathered,  waving flags and yelling “OLE!” along with everyone else,  but when I saw the actual bullfight, I was stunned by the brutality and sat down, ashamed of myself,  wondering how I could ever have romanticized it.  

 Naïve at 22?  I guess it had never occurred to me how it would feel  to see a big, beautiful, strong bull brought to his knees, snorting blood, and dying in front of us.  It sickened me. By the time the matador came face to face with him, the massive creature was near death  from the lances and short spears with barbs which were thrust into the head area and were hanging from the bull.  One last thrust with a long sword by the matador and it was over.

On the bus back to the hotel,  I expressed my reaction to the tour guide, he seemed offended, said the meat was given to the poor, and that Americans just didn’t understand  the sport. He was correct about that.

Can it beat Ajax?

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Reportedly this is a great  way to clean your cookie sheets.

Put  1/4 cup of baking soda in a small glass bowl and add hydrogen peroxide until it makes a  paste.

Rub the paste on the pan and see it remove the grime.  Hope it works! 

Now you know

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Fresh Eggs Daily . . .

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From Fresh Eggs Daily FB:
The proof is in the pudding as my grandmother used to say….these gorgeous girls are the result of what I’ve learned after more than six years of raising our flock naturally using herbs, weeds and edible flowers – not chemicals and medications.

If you are just getting started, check out the Basics of Natural Chicken Keeping here:

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