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How Quickly Life Can Change

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My high school friend, Belva Simpson Long, had her home demolished by a tornado that tore through Vilonia, AR.  She is safe, which is the most important thing, but it had to have been a terrible shock to see her house reduced to this rubble.  Our prayers are with you, Belva.

photo shared by Tim Simpson

Great Bible Teacher – Allistair Begg

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I listen to Allistair Begg on KKLA radio station.2011-alistair

 He has a thorough knowledge of the Bible and a way of delivering a message that  brings new insight into passages I’ve read for years.

You can download his sermons or get his APP for your phone, I have it on mine and really appreciate his teaching.  

The radio program and APP are called ‘Truth for Life.’  


Bible Totin’ Americans?

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According to a published survey about Americans:

87%  say they own Bibles

36%  say they read the Bible less than once a year.  That would mean they don’t read it at all, right?

50%  can not name any of the 4 Gospels        (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).


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