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Facing Reality

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I knew Mama’s obituary would be in the hometown newspaper so when it came in the mail I left it folded.  Seeing her death in print would be just too difficult. I would read it at some later date.

For years I have read the obits in the ‘Pocahontas Star Herald’ noting  the passing of neighbors, classmates, relatives and acquaintances.  Generations of families, gone, one by one.   It was always shocking to see those my age or younger, sad to read of  parents or children who had passed, nevertheless I searched for familiar names.

A week or so later another issue came and I did not hesitate to open it.  Even though I’ve been gone for 50 years I still care what happens in my hometown.

I was caught up in their activities as I turned to the obituaries.  You guessed it . . .  there it was . . . a small article telling of my dear Mother’s passing.  I took a deep breath and sighed.   I had not taken into account the delay in my receiving the paper.  

 We can’t refuse to face the harsh realities of life, can we?  Mama is gone from this earth and I can no longer talk to her or give her a hug.  I can’t hear her funny stories or hear her tell me she loves me, but I can remember them well.  I’ll never totally lose Mama.  She is part of who I am.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I looked in the mirror and there was something about the way I was holding my mouth that looked like Mama.  I smiled and said, “Hi Mama.”  Yes, she will always be with me.

History of Harley- Davidson

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In 1903, three men from Milwaukee had a really unique view of what they thought motorized bicycling should be. In a 10 X 13 foot shed, with borrowed tools, and some metal, Arthur and Walter Davidson along with Bill Harley set out to build the very first Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Using only a three horsepower engine, the trio designed a unique loop frame, which would set it apart from any other cycle in its time. They would go on to build a total of three bikes in their first year. In 1907, the eldest Davidson brother, William, joined the team. Later that same year, after building 150 bikes, these four men followed their vision and incorporated what is today The Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

The following year found the company employing a total of 18 people and expanding into a 2,380 square foot production facility. In 1920, Harley Davidson became the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, boasting dealers in 67 countries. Also that same year, only thirteen years since incorporation, Harley Davidson enjoyed an incredible 5000 percent increase in sales.

Through the years, the Harley Davidson would prove to be the benchmark for all other motorcycles. By the end of World War I, 20,000 cycles were used in military duty. Harley Davidson would continue to dominate racing events, eventually becoming the first motorcycle ever to win a race with a top speed of over 100 mph.

Though we look back and see many changes in its design, Harley Davidson has not changed. It has remained successful by remembering its heritage.


Too old to defend yourself? Hey, you’re never too old to SCREAM!

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Tae Kwon Do practicioners say that the elbow is the strongest part of your body.  If your life is at risk and you  are close enough to slam your elbow into an assailant’s  nose or gut, USE IT with all the force you can muster. You can’t be tentative or shy!  If you do it,  do it with everything you have.  The element of surprise is on your side if you go for it without hesitation.

Imagine the shock for a guy caught totally off guard, when a little old lady pulls a Tae Kwon Do move on him and then starts screaming like crazy!

That’s right . . . be prepared to RUN as fast as those little old lady legs will take you and scream at the top of your lungs!

You may not look too pretty doing it, but by George, it is better than having your folks visit you in the hospital, or worse yet, the morgue!

What happens when you go to bed and forget to blow out the candles . . .

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