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Presidential Pooches – ‘Him and Her’ “OUCH!” Who says it doesn’t hurt? Still makes me cringe!

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In April 1964, dog lovers protested after seeing front-page photos of Lyndon B. Johnson lifting his beagles, Him and Her, by the ears.

Insisting to reporters that the dogs didn’t mind, Johnson demonstrated the move again days later.

When I asked my canine companion, Ralph E. Boy, about this, he got rather worked up and barked,

“Somebody shouldda picked up that big man by his big ears . . . see of it hurt him!”

Easy boy, easy, he’s gone now.

from LBJ Library:

Him and Her, the most well known of the President Johnson’s dogs, were registered beagles born on June 27, 1963. The President frequently played with the dogs and was often photographed with them.

In 1964, President Johnson raised the ire of many when he lifted Him by his ears while greeting a group on the White House lawn.

Him sired a litter of puppies born in October 1965. President Johnson’s daughter, Luci, kept two of the puppies, Kim and Freckles. Luci first named Freckles, “Pecosa,” Spanish for a single freckle, but the puppy eventually became known as Freckles.

Kim and Freckles were Luci’s dogs. Kim moved to Texas with Luci after her marriage to Pat Nugent, but Freckles remained at the White House with the President.

Her died at the White House in November1964, after she swallowed a stone. Him died in June 1966, when he was hit by a car while chasing a squirrel on the White House lawn.

When the Johnson’s left the White House, Freckles was adopted by a White House staff member.

We understand . . . you are not alone.

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