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Celebrating Women: Holly Winslow and Lisa Looney – Happy Mother’s Day

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It is my pleasure to say Happy Mother’s Day to Holly and Lisa, shown here with Holly’s children.

Holly Winslow and Lisa Looney are CNA’s at Randolph County Nursing Home in Pocahontas, AR.  They demonstrate the  best of caregivers, working at a very stressful, demanding, and often thankless job.  

Lisa is Holly’s mother and a role model for showing kindness and respect for the elderly/disabled patients in her care. I saw her in action on a daily basis as she tended to my mother’s most personal needs. 

Holly  and Mama formed a special bond. Holly adopted Mama as her ‘Grandma’ and Mama returned the affection, talking often about how sweet Holly was to her.  When I met the pretty young woman she expressed her love for Mama.  It made me feel so good to know Mama was in an environment where someone thought of her as family, not just a patient. I know it made a difference.

During Mama’s last weeks she had UTIs that caused bouts of dementia. Caring for her was extremely difficult. Time and again Holly made extra effort to be there when ‘Grandma’ needed her.  Jamie knew of her devotion to Mama and she was there for him too, sharing in the concern for Mama’s well being.

Lisa and Holly are not the only ones who made Mama’s life better during her years of living at Randolph Home, but they are the two I got to know the best.  I wish to express to them my sincerest thanks and appreciation.

Happy Mother’s Day to two very special women.  May God Bless you both.






Mama’s Love

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When I was very young I got jealous because Mama was so kind to a neighbor girl about my age.

She would talk to her, ask her about her day, just small things.  The girl loved Mama and stopped by the house every chance she got.  I don’t know why, but it bothered me to see Mama giving this one girl such special notice. Maybe I wanted it for myself, although I never suffered from lack of attention.

I’m glad that I was the kind of child who could, and would, confront such an important issue instead of repressing it. Through tears I asked my Mother, “Do you love her more than me?”

Mama, obviously surprised, shook her head slowly and said, “Oh no!  I could never love anyone more than you, you are my own.”

She went on to explain how the little girl needed someone to be ‘sweet’ to her because she didn’t get that from her family. I knew Mama was telling me the truth.

The compassionate heart of my Mother became clear to me that day and in time I saw it expressed to people of all ages. I never questioned her love again. In fact, I took pride in knowing that she had so much love that she could love all of us and other people too.

I will love you forever Mama. Your sixth of seven kids, Mary Etta

Modern Mommy, Great-Niece Maja Saving Trees

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Participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change today! The goal was to beat the 2013 Guinness Book of World Record of 8,301cloth diapers changed at one time.   Maja and Zayd  4-27-14
Maja and Zayd

Pastor Rick Offers a Prayer

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Our Heavenly Father,

It is with humble hearts that we come to you as little children.    Help us Lord to listen to that still small voice that comes from you,  instead of the distracting  noise of this world.

Lord we are aware of our weaknesses, our failure to focus on what is most important.  We acknowledge before you that we need your Holy Spirit to guide us every day.

We are grateful dear God  for our earthly fathers and mothers who not only gave us life, but also nurtured and loved us. For those whose parents were less than loving, we ask that you heal the pain that their memories generate.

For parents with children still in the home we pray for patience and wisdom in guiding young lives.  For parents who are older we ask to help us be more attentive and thoughtful of their emotional needs as well as the practical.

Bless all the mothers on Mother’s Day as we honor them for their great significance in our lives. For those Mothers who have lost their children and for those children who are missing their mothers today, we ask God that you comfort them as only you can.  Be all we need Lord.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


Happy Mother’s Day to Our Feathered Friends

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My great-niece Lauren Million Johnson watched in amazement as this bird’s nest appeared in a day. Even with ‘assembling required’ she heard no grumbling, just a hard working parent making sure she has the nursery ready.  Once her house was in order, the eggs were laid, and then . . . like any new mother with triplets . . . she got little sleep and spent most of her time bringing in the food.

How did she know what to do?  How did she (and hopefully the Papa helped) know how to make that perfect nest, just exactly what she required for her family?    I for one believe God programmed them long ago and they have an app for every thing they need to do.  Just like us.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama Bird.

Thanks Lauren, for the photo.

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