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Cactus ?

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Aloe – Distant Kin to Cacti


Aloes share the succulent form many cacti have, and some species of aloes have formidable spines. But they are only distantly related to cacti. The most recent common ancestor of aloes and cacti lived back in the Jurassic, somewhere between 130 and 170 million years ago, it’s thought. Speaking strictly in terms of the most recent common ancestors, you and I are much more closely related to aardvarks than aloes are to cacti.

And they taste good, too!

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Gracias Pablo!

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This is Picasso’s “Hands with Bouquet”.

Over the years I have received many bouquets from family and friends.  No matter how beautiful they were, they eventually faded and had to be discarded.

Through this simple painting I remember those other more elaborate bouquets and how special it made me feel to receive them.

The Spanish artist was in his eighties when he painted “Hands With Bouquet” .  A man with a history of many love affairs and marriages, he was still a romantic! ( look at the date 2.14.58)

I don’t know who he had in mind when he painted it on Valentine’s Day,  but I accept it for me (and you) to enjoy every day.

Gracias Pablo!

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