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Jana Caldwell

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10365807_799114010099451_7990177139169625360_nI grew up on the river. Every weekend we were at Spring River camping in a tent or on Eleven Point River in our little green trailer. Then as I got into my teenage years we graduated to the area lakes, then in my 30’s, I was back around to living on the river again. So basically in one form or another I have spent the last 40 years camping. 
I can remember numerous times going to bed at night with a tent full of mosquitos. I can remember all too clearly waking up to wet covers when it rained and the tent leaked. I can remember rocks…oh the rocks, under my back while I tried to sleep. We didn’t have air mattresses. We didn’t have mosquito spray or bug lights. We basically had a plastic dome of doom disguised as a tent. 
After one stormy night involving a flood and a mile hike out of a camp ground complete with wild animals and lighting strikes, I vowed that one day, when the choice was mine, I would never sleep in a tent again. It took me 40 some odd years but I have reached that day. The dome of doom is no longer a part of my life.
Let’s face it…. The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. I don’t bounce back from sleeping on rocks like I used to and for the love of floaties, have you tried to blow up one of those air mattresses lately? It’s the same feeling I get when I run a mile….Ok, what I suspect it would be like to run a mile. I just don’t have it in me. 
So when my child suggested we go to the lake “camping” last weekend, I was hesitant. While she always loved camping in tents and didn’t mind the whole no bathroom and no bathing thing, I was not as anxious to “be one with nature” as she was. 
She suggested we all rent kayaks…I suggested a 12 person pontoon. She suggested renting a yurt….I suggested a cabin. She suggested a tent….I suggested she go alone. But finally being the loving agreeable mother I am, we compromised…and stayed at the Hilton. Now that is what I call camping.
Now I know some people out there are judging me right now for not enjoying our great outdoors of Arkansas, but don’t be too quick here. I spent the day on the lake in the sun. I packed a picnic lunch and ate outdoors. I got a mosquito bite. I’m outdoorsy. 
I went over in my head my version of “roughing it” compared to my daughter’s. Was it wrong of me steering her to a luxury trip as opposed to the dome of doom? Hold on, I’ll ask her as soon as she hangs up with room service….
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