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Patrick Borland Catches His First Fish – Wow Patrick, that’s a whopper!

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Big fish and small fish
Swimming here in this pond
Fast fish and slow fish
And now one is gone

by Cory Fox

Sidney and Elvis

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Sidney Tupelo

My brother-in-law, Dr. Sidney Simpkins, shares something in common with Elvis. They were both born in,wqAGYbR0DQquEqSqDVcYjwWcVqq-UDendrGg1i-f3Q5LMPUfFxNjP-yDEIQ86yj6aubJ8GhhTwhLM4Xc8c4nLsIAos08sagalNQgo7Rrpi_Z8CoxLS3u355EV909T3sEHeFuyz-j_u4Yp1T7L4iL4nKYFg6DhSeboUujlVPZom2ir8I_8-9kOIxK9jwEF6s14rmKq-Uq

On a recent trip through the state, he and Linda stopped for lunch in Tupelo, Elvis’ birthplace. 

Mississippi should be proud of both of her native sons. One idolized worldwide as an entertainer, and the other known and highly respected as an anesthesiologist.  

Good idea?

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A cut pool noodle will prevent little fingers from getting slammed in doors.

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