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Hello to Wednesday! When I was a worker bee we called it hump day. I imagine they still call it that. It was like climbing the mountain all week long and if we got to the top of that mountain on Wednesday it began the slide down toward Friday and we knew we could make it the rest of the way. What a shame we spent so much of our life looking for the weekend.

Now that I’m retired Wednesday is, well let’s say, Wednesday is just another day.  Actually that isn’t true anymore, I joined a Bible study group with a small group of women and now Wednesday has a new connotation, a new purpose.

 Whatever you do today, whether it’s working in your garden getting your hands dirty even through the gloves, whether it’s shopping finding a good bargain, whether it’s playing with the grandchildren,  or working from 9 to 5, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. We really and truly are blessed with every day we are given.

Let’s look for the good and experience the joy. Just as I wrote that I got a message that Maya Angelou has died. I am sorry to hear that, she was a remarkable woman . I pray for her family and friends and many admirers who will miss her. Her death is a poignant reminder and I repeat – enjoy life to the fullest. God bless you friends.

Happy Birthday Cindy!

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Cindy’s late husband was my second-cousin Warren Bratcher. I knew his Mother better than I knew Warren,  but through this blog I have gotten to know Cindy.    She has made many contributions to the website and has encouraged me numerous times. Put her name in the search box and you can see some of her collectibles and other interesting articles about her. 

I am happy we have become friends Cindy, it is a pleasure to wish you a healthy and happy  80th year of life!  Keep that beautiful smile!


No shampoo in this baby’s eyes!

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