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Hello to Wednesday! When I was a worker bee we called it hump day. I imagine they still call it that. It was like climbing the mountain all week long and if we got to the top of that mountain on Wednesday it began the slide down toward Friday and we knew we could make it the rest of the way. What a shame we spent so much of our life looking for the weekend.

Now that I’m retired Wednesday is, well let’s say, Wednesday is just another day.  Actually that isn’t true anymore, I joined a Bible study group with a small group of women and now Wednesday has a new connotation, a new purpose.

 Whatever you do today, whether it’s working in your garden getting your hands dirty even through the gloves, whether it’s shopping finding a good bargain, whether it’s playing with the grandchildren,  or working from 9 to 5, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. We really and truly are blessed with every day we are given.

Let’s look for the good and experience the joy. Just as I wrote that I got a message that Maya Angelou has died. I am sorry to hear that, she was a remarkable woman . I pray for her family and friends and many admirers who will miss her. Her death is a poignant reminder and I repeat – enjoy life to the fullest. God bless you friends.

Happy Birthday Cindy!

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Cindy’s late husband was my second-cousin Warren Bratcher. I knew his Mother better than I knew Warren,  but through this blog I have gotten to know Cindy.    She has made many contributions to the website and has encouraged me numerous times. Put her name in the search box and you can see some of her collectibles and other interesting articles about her. 

I am happy we have become friends Cindy, it is a pleasure to wish you a healthy and happy  80th year of life!  Keep that beautiful smile!


No shampoo in this baby’s eyes!

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Patrick Borland Catches His First Fish – Wow Patrick, that’s a whopper!

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Big fish and small fish
Swimming here in this pond
Fast fish and slow fish
And now one is gone

by Cory Fox

Sidney and Elvis

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Sidney Tupelo

My brother-in-law, Dr. Sidney Simpkins, shares something in common with Elvis. They were both born in,wqAGYbR0DQquEqSqDVcYjwWcVqq-UDendrGg1i-f3Q5LMPUfFxNjP-yDEIQ86yj6aubJ8GhhTwhLM4Xc8c4nLsIAos08sagalNQgo7Rrpi_Z8CoxLS3u355EV909T3sEHeFuyz-j_u4Yp1T7L4iL4nKYFg6DhSeboUujlVPZom2ir8I_8-9kOIxK9jwEF6s14rmKq-Uq

On a recent trip through the state, he and Linda stopped for lunch in Tupelo, Elvis’ birthplace. 

Mississippi should be proud of both of her native sons. One idolized worldwide as an entertainer, and the other known and highly respected as an anesthesiologist.  

Good idea?

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A cut pool noodle will prevent little fingers from getting slammed in doors.

Jana Caldwell

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10365807_799114010099451_7990177139169625360_nI grew up on the river. Every weekend we were at Spring River camping in a tent or on Eleven Point River in our little green trailer. Then as I got into my teenage years we graduated to the area lakes, then in my 30’s, I was back around to living on the river again. So basically in one form or another I have spent the last 40 years camping. 
I can remember numerous times going to bed at night with a tent full of mosquitos. I can remember all too clearly waking up to wet covers when it rained and the tent leaked. I can remember rocks…oh the rocks, under my back while I tried to sleep. We didn’t have air mattresses. We didn’t have mosquito spray or bug lights. We basically had a plastic dome of doom disguised as a tent. 
After one stormy night involving a flood and a mile hike out of a camp ground complete with wild animals and lighting strikes, I vowed that one day, when the choice was mine, I would never sleep in a tent again. It took me 40 some odd years but I have reached that day. The dome of doom is no longer a part of my life.
Let’s face it…. The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. I don’t bounce back from sleeping on rocks like I used to and for the love of floaties, have you tried to blow up one of those air mattresses lately? It’s the same feeling I get when I run a mile….Ok, what I suspect it would be like to run a mile. I just don’t have it in me. 
So when my child suggested we go to the lake “camping” last weekend, I was hesitant. While she always loved camping in tents and didn’t mind the whole no bathroom and no bathing thing, I was not as anxious to “be one with nature” as she was. 
She suggested we all rent kayaks…I suggested a 12 person pontoon. She suggested renting a yurt….I suggested a cabin. She suggested a tent….I suggested she go alone. But finally being the loving agreeable mother I am, we compromised…and stayed at the Hilton. Now that is what I call camping.
Now I know some people out there are judging me right now for not enjoying our great outdoors of Arkansas, but don’t be too quick here. I spent the day on the lake in the sun. I packed a picnic lunch and ate outdoors. I got a mosquito bite. I’m outdoorsy. 
I went over in my head my version of “roughing it” compared to my daughter’s. Was it wrong of me steering her to a luxury trip as opposed to the dome of doom? Hold on, I’ll ask her as soon as she hangs up with room service….
 Jana Caldwell can be found on FB; Sales Associate with Carter City and County Realty;  and   If you enjoy Jana’s humor, check out her new book, “Thursday Night Confessions” available on Amazon. 



Southern Hospitality

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Maranatha Baptist ChurchPains Georgia Eward Joyce Holder

My cousin Edward Holder and his wife Joyce attended Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, GA . They had  their picture taken with the sunday school teacher and his wife.  Seem like nice folks! Looks kinda familiar, don’t they?

Worth a Try

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Baby needs medicine ?

Cut a hole in a pacifier and stick a dropper in it to make taking medicine slightly less traumatizing.

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