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Jimmy’s in that ‘Summer State of Mind’

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A Summer State of Mind

When captive to a summer mood,

My actions seem a trifle rude,

For I prefer the laid back ways,

Of lazy, hazy summer days;

And so most anytime I might,

Seem out of sorts or not too bright,

Although the world will still rotate,

Regardless of my mental state;

Thus when I come across as slow,

Or unresponsive as I go,

I may be just a step behind,

If in a summer state of mind!

Jimmy L. Simpson

June 11, 2011


Where there’s a will . . .

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Somebody had a productive day!

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oreo Abe

Elvis sings ‘I Believe’

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I believe for every drop of rain that falls
A flower grows
I believe that somewhere in the darkest night
A candle glows
I believe for everyone who goes astray, someone will come
To show the way
I believe, I believe

I believe above a storm the smallest prayer
Can still be heard
I believe that someone in the great somewhere
Hears every word

Everytime I hear a new born baby cry,
Or touch a leaf or see the sky
Then I know why, I believe

Everytime I hear a new born baby cry,
Or touch a leaf or see the sky
Then I know why, I believe

Cycle of Life Continues at the Pastor’s Home.

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10411439_10203317716576550_4103802830288523147_n10299130_10203448633489391_5059197675376796917_nPastor Terry: “Where eggs used to be, we now have “open mouth” hungry baby birdies in the nest built in the Easter Lilly potted plant on our carport.”

Ahh, beautiful example of the continuation of life.  God has it all under control.  Now, for that Mama bird to find enough worms for these two babies!  I’m sure she is hard at work to answer their cries of hunger. Thanks for sharing, Terry!

Now that’s what I call togetherness!

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1)Tim, the Truck, and The Malaleuca Tree

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Tim and I drove to Manhattan Beach for church in his beautiful new Toyota Tacoma Prerunner .

After church, when we walked to where we were parked,  we passed a large  “Paper Bark”  tree, ( Malaleuca,  native of Australia.)  It was leaning in the direction of the sidewalk.


Large pieces of spongy-soft bark were hanging by the edges as part of the tree’s usual peeling process.  I said “This is perfect!”

With one swift motion I ripped a large piece of the bark  from its velcro-like grip.


“What?  They don’t care, it just falls to the ground!”

Tim’s long legs picked up speed.  I looked back at the tree, I didn’t hurt it, and surely no one would care if I took some bark.  Come on, its bark!

Tim suggested that I put the bark into the bed of the truck, but I argued that it might fly away, so without further discussion, I put it down at my feet in the cab.

We were a few minutes into our twenty minute drive home when Tim glanced down and yelled.

“Mom, spiders!”

“What?”  Dozens of  spiders were scattering out from between the paper thin multi-layers of bark. I started swatting furiously  and stamping my feet.  Dust and spiders flew in all directions.  I was sure they were climbing up my legs.

“Oh no. I’m sorry Tim!”  He,  having just been to church, and being a respectful son, did not say what he probably was thinking.

At the first traffic light I hopped out and threw the bark into the bed of the truck and apologized again. “I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you Tim,  your new truck is dirty and you had it so clean.”

“I know.  I just washed it .”  That made me feel much better.

We drove the rest of the way with eyes peeled for the little stowaways. I felt they were crawling all over me,  “Get her boys!”

When we got home I apologized once more.  Tim said not to worry about it, but I ran the Dust Buster over the carpet and the new red truck was spider-free again.  I hoped.

Why did I want the bark?  For Leon.  Read on . . .

2)The Malaleuca Bark and Leon

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img464Leon,  pictured on my left, looked dispirited as he entered the Resource Room. “I don’t have my Indian project.” “When is it due?” “Monday.” “Monday?  This is Friday. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”  He shrugged. It was a home project, but he lived with his grandmother and was on his own most of the time. “Let’s go to the library,” I said. We found a book about his chosen tribe . With the little time we had we cut and glued cardboard to look something like the hut that was illustrated in the book. “Don’t worry Leon, we’ll finish it Monday.”  He nodded wearily.

Okay, so that is the reason that two days later I ripped the bark from the Malaleuca tree.  It was for Leon’s Indian hut. While not a great work of art, the smoky gray bark gave the hut a unique leathery look. We liked it. One piece  became hide drying,   another became a canoe. (The picture doesn’t do it justice.) scan0005We added a  fire pit and  a man with a fishing spear.  

Leon began to smile as he completed the task of labeling everything. “Okay Leon, time to show it to your class.” He took a deep breath, picked up the display, and carried it to his classroom. His teacher, Ms. Walsh, greeted us warmly and enthusiastically asked him to tell the class about his tribe.

For a child with a learning disability, who rarely got anything right, who often was rebuffed for extremely poor hygiene, who struggled to control his temper, this was a big moment.

The children gave their rapt attention.  He spoke softly but confidently.  When he finished, his classmates spontaneously cheered. Even though he had been a difficult member of their third grade class, they appeared genuinely happy for him. I was proud of them. Ms. Walsh asked the class, “What grade should Leon get?”  In unison they agreed, “4!” ( equivalent to an ‘A’) Leon  humbly looked down at the floor, biting his lower lip.

As I walked back to my room I thought of the fiasco getting the bark off the Malaleuca tree and of all those little spiders in the new truck; but when I saw the lift it gave to one little boy’s spirit, who needed it very much, I felt it had been worthwhile.  I was sure Tim (and the tree) would agree.   mwt

Works Every Time!

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Modern Families

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