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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone went by ‘the Book’?

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More Trivia about Los Angeles

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43. The Bunny Museum in Pasadena has the Guinness World Record for “owning the most bunny items in the world.”

44. There are 135 different languages spoken in Los Angeles.

45. Truckers call L.A. “Shaky Town” because of the earthquakes that sometimes plague the city.

46. There are 3,473,930 foreign-born residents living in Los Angeles County as of 2013.

47. The Getty Museum hires goats to maintain the scrub around its manicured grounds.

48. In 1996, Charlie Sheen bought 2,615 outfield seats at Angels Stadium in nearby Anaheim—so he could catch a home run ball.

49. The Hollywood Walk of Fame has 2,518 stars.

50. The film industry ended up in L.A. to avoid Edison’s intellectual property claims because he owned many of the country’s film patents.

51. GQ considers Downtown L.A. the next great American city.


Faces by Mary Taylor, ‘Growing Up’

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Scan 5

Gigi and Granddaughter Katelyn, so blessed to have each other!

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Grandparents’ Day at Georgia’s Sweet Apple Elementary School



Scott and Kerry Hinsche spend a hot day at Disneyland. Drink lots of water!

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  Next year at this time ‘ baby Hinsche’

will be strolling along with them.


BTW Scott,  if you turn your cap around you will find

there is a brim that will help shade your face from the sun.  

Just being helpful. You’re welcome.

Cool Bookstores

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Bart’s Books – Ojai, CaliforniaUnited States

Founded in 1964 by Richard Bartinsdale, Bart’s is one of the largest outdoor bookshops in the world and is open almost every day. Some shelves face the streets, others to a courtyard where the sun shines and customers can pay by putting money into a coin box after hours.


Aha, he’s asleep! Now, how do I get out of this bed?

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Another Mary Taylor – retired school teacher Mary Barry Taylor

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Mary and Tom Taylor with wiggle worms: Kyler, Dex, Gus and Charlie.

(Don’t you just know they are wonderful grandparents?)

Guest Writer: Mary Barry Taylor

Holland, Michigan

“As I drive by the schools in my area I am reminded that summer is ending and school is beginning. As a retired teacher I still need an academic calendar and it must be time for new markers!

To all my Children , Grandchildren , nieces, and nephews, and friends from Maine to California, to Aruba and Michigan I wish Godspeed. Have a year of more ups then downs. And oh those ups when a child gets it!  

When you bring light, kindness, hope and laughter into your day you shine the light of God and share in the mystery of how much he loves us. To teach is a great gift. I am thankful for all the days I had and glad you picked up the torch!”

Blessings, Mom, Grandma

Mary, thank you for allowing me to share your comments.  It is so important that we  keep our children, teachers, and staff in our prayers all year long, and you have made a good start.   What’s better than one Mary Taylor praying?  Oh yeah, it is two Mary Taylors!  God Bless you and your sweet family of wiggly offspring.


A Son’s Devotion

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Jamie was unable to see Mama for weeks during his horrific bout with cancer.  We are still thanking God for sparing his life.  He went from a robust, healthy looking man, to weighing 159, skinny for a guy 6’3.  When he was well enough to visit Mama again, she would cry and say it wasn’t him. It was hard to watch, but particularly difficult for Jamie.  I took his picture one day as he was holding her hand and she was crying that it wasn’t him.  He turned and said something like, “I don’t know what to do.”  Louise and I said to just keep holding her hand and talking to her.  It took several more visits and added weight for her to finally accept that it really her Jamie. This drawing is dedicated to my brother for his awesome devotion to our Mother.  God Bless you Jamie.

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