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The internet – prayer connection.

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The internet has widened our scope of friendship, redefining it in a way. Connections are made  similar to pen pals, writing to strangers who become friends whether they  meet or not.  Along with the joy of new acquaintances, comes the sadness when troubles come their way.  When you care for another person it is normal to share their pain when you hear of it. 

There is an ever increasing number of people  on Facebook who ask for prayer, and the requests are sincere and filled with angst. I often bow my head and say a prayer for the one who is reaching out to believers in behalf of themselves or others.

I know how it feels to be on the requesting side of prayer.  During Jamie’s long illness I kept a steady account on FB and got a strong response from all over the country, including several ministers and church leaders.  He has survived a terrible bout of throat cancer.  At the moment he is having back pain that is most severe, so once again he needs your prayer.  This time it is not life-threatening, but it is life-altering and miserable.

I also have asked for prayer for my sister Martha who has leukemia and is in a fight for her life.  She is receiving an experimental drug that is helping her and we are grateful, yet she continues to be in pain and the quality of her life has been reduced considerably.  Please include her in your prayers that God will use that drug to improve her life and give her more years.

What do people do without prayer?  How do they survive without turning to Almighty God for help?  I really don’t know.  Let’s pray now:

Our Heavenly Father, We love you God.  We are in awe of your power and your love.  Please meet the needs of our bodies which are vulnerable and weak.  Be with those who seek you for wisdom, comfort, and healing. Let us  see your hand at work.  Accept our praise and worship, we pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen



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Bye Bye Birdies

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Terry's nestlings
In June we saw this nest full of eggs. They had been protected by Pastor Terry Miller in Pocahontas.  As the life cycle continued, the baby birds were born.  In July we got to see these sweet little nestlings.  

As she was taught,  by an instinct given by God, Mama bird held school for her fledglings.  They learned to  spread their wings and try again and again until they were strong enough and prepared enough to fly away. 

I wonder if Mama bird felt a deep longing for her young when she looked at the empty nest. I wonder.

Good luck birdies.

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