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Just Being Jana

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Jana G.Yesterday when showing a home in Maynard, the potential buyer went over to the well house and lifted the lid. After examining the pump, holding tank, etc. he asked a couple of questions about it. As I was making my way towards the pump house, he picked up what appeared to be a rather large snake skin. 15 foot… A python, I believe. Stopping dead in my tracks I waved his way…”Who needs a well? I’ll bring you bottled water for life. We can put that in the contract.” I pride myself on my problem solving abilities…

 Jana Caldwell can be found on FB; Sales Associate with Carter City and County Realty;  and   If you enjoy Jana’s humor, check out her new book, “Thursday Night Confessions” available on Amazon.


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dog watching


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3385_3993414398513_818308160_nNot sure why Timothy was looking so solemn, he was always a happy little boy, but doesn’t he have a sweet face?  He had blond curly hair and an outgoing, affectionate personality.

 Photos are wonderful for bringing back  the emotions of how we loved our kids at every stage.  I have always been crazy about my son,  you probably feel the same way about yours.

I never dreamed he would grow to be 6’3, but he’s still my baby boy .  It is just now I am beginning to lean on him more than he leans on me.  God knew, didn’t He?

Faces by Mary Taylor “Baby Girl”

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baby girl

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