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Miracle of Birth

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Each day brings us closer to January, when we will see our sweet baby girl.

The ultrasound at 14 weeks showed  my grandbaby smiling. Isn’t that amazing?  At 16 weeks her little heart is beating 25 quarts of blood a day. She’s just the size of an avocado but she is taking on the appearance of a person in miniature. It is astounding the works of our Creator.

Pray with me please:

Our Heavenly Father, all over the world we know there are babies being conceived, being carried in their mothers’ wombs, and being born this very day. We ask your protection over these babies. We ask health for their mothers. We pray especially for those mothers in war-torn regions of this world. Help them to find medical care God and someone to be with them to support them at this time. As we think of the babies of the world, I can’t help but focus on the one I know personally, my grandbaby. Please dear God give her health and proper development just as you intended in the beginning. Be with Alice and all the other mothers during this time. Thank you father that you love us so very much that you hear these prayers. We believe  that even though billions of people  have been born on this Earth,  that each one remains precious in your sight.

In Jesus’ name we pray, amen

Patrick and Katelyn enjoying the beach . . . ah, summer fun!

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A Sign of the Times – Hollywoodland

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land removed in '49


A sign famous the world over.  Started as a land development, ‘land’ was removed in 1949.  It has had quite a history through the years. Hollywood, a small place that has become a huge influence (for good and/or bad) on the culture of America and the world’s view of us as a people.

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