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Interesting Facts About My Town

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1. Los Angeles has seven area codes—213, 310, 323, 424, 626, 747, 818—more than any city in the U.S. Five of those area codes are palindromes.

2. Los Angeles has the largest Thai population anywhere outside of Thailand.

3. According to a recent study, the average Los Angeles driver spends 59 hours sitting in traffic, or about two and a half days a year.

4. The person who gifted Griffith Park to the city was named Griffith J. Griffith.

5. L.A. has always suffered from smog. The ancient Chumash tribe’s name for the L.A. Valley translates to “valley of smoke”.


Gotta Love a Corvette!

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I don’t know what year it is and I don’t know who it belongs to, but when I saw it parked on a nearby street I  paused to appreciate it.  Yes, the Chevy Corvette is a special car and has been since in first hit the road in 1953.  I have ridden in one only once.  A friend I met while teaching in Germany took me for a drive.   His name was Don and he was cute, but the sparkling blue Stingray was fabulous! Oh my! I still remember them both with affection.Corvette

Faces by Mary Taylor

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woman head wrap

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