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The Pottgens in Arnold, Missouri enjoy watching their little guest.

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The pretty little hummingbird pauses for just a moment,  maybe to say, “Thank you Lord for Beverly and Charlie, who were kind enough to leave me this sweet treat, it hits the spot!”

photo by Charlie Pottgen

Stan Hicks has words of praise for son-in-law Charlie Pottgen.

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(In reference to the picture of the hummingbird at feeder.) “We are always pleased to see any pictures that Charlie has taken. He loves to take photos and is always the family picture taker. 34640_1367198712482_4342186_nCharlie is a CSI detective  for Bridgeton Mo. Police Department. He is very good at what he does. When he gets the family all lined up for pictures he always says with a big smile “I am not used to taking pictures of people standing”. We are very proud of Charlie, he is a great husband, father son in law , son, and brother to our family. We pray for him and the many other poice offficers who are having to deal with the riots that are going on in the St. Louis area at this time. So very sad and scary when so close to us.”   Thanks Stan. Our prayers will join with yours for Charlie, and all involved in this serious conflict.

‘Faces’ by Mary Taylor, “Nick”

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Persecution. Could we, would we, stand up for our faith in the face of death?

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These are the people from Mosul who are being persecuted for their religious beliefs.  They are the ones our planes are dropping food and water to, relieving   some of their suffering. Even with this humanitarian act   it is unsure whether they will survive the brutality awaiting them when they leave that mountain in Iraq.   

When you pray remember these people and all the others around the world who are persecuted in many different ways for their religious belief.  It is becoming increasingly more dangerous to openly follow Christ in many countries. If they are Christians they are our brothers and sisters, no matter what the color of their skin or the language they speak.  

May God be with them.


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