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Robin Williams

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 Robin Williams shocked us with his suicide today, and left people around the world in disbelief that he could do such a thing.  One more famous person to add to that terrible list of those who fall into the deepest despair and give up on life. 

Clinical depression is a mental illness, which many times goes hand in hand with addiction.  If you know anyone who makes any suggestion that they might be ready to give in to an ‘early out’, take them seriously and get them help. Robin Williams’ death goes to show us once more that it isn’t talent, money, fame or opportunity that makes life worth the living.   We must turn our lives over to God and let Him change us from the inside out, as Jesus said, “Verily, verily, I say to you, you must be born again.”

Pray with me, please:

Our Heavenly Father:  We love you Lord, we are in awe of your majesty and power.  There are many people who find themselves feeling hopeless and without a reason to continue, their minds  irrational, and unable to make wise decisions.  God, we know that you are the Great Physician and you are able to heal us of all our diseases, mind, spirit and body.  Help us to draw closer to you, dear Lord, repent and turn our lives over to you completely, so that we may find hope  even in our worst situations.  Be with those who suffer, and those who grieve today. In Jesus’ name.


A Survivor Tells His Story – Hank McNabb

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Posted on FB by Hank McNabb

For those of you that know me very well, what I’m going to tell to all here on FB will not be a surprise. When I heard the news about Robin Williams today I felt a need to speak out for those that maybe suffering with mental diseases and tell my story.

I suffered with depression since my father past away in 1986 and was medicated until around 2003 when the medication stopped working and I fell into a deep severe state of depression which caused me to have a nervous break down. I had my life planned out as well and was going to exit this life that I thought I could no longer handle. Went to bed one night in Feb. 2003 and was within 24 hours of taking my own life.

The next morning I woke up and GOD told me to call a group of very close family members and friends together that night to tell them how I had a plan to kill myself and about the mask that I had been wearing for so so long to cover up my depression. (Oh how Robin Williams wore his mask so well behind all those funny movies and speeches!) God put a friend there that night that told me about a place called Sierra Tucson, in Tucson Az. Four days latter I left and checked myself into their 30 day program. Between GOD, my ex-wife, my 2 beautiful children, my mother, Sierra Tucson, and a very few close friends my life was saved.

Unlike Robin Williams, I did not have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, but was with people out there that were. I am so thankful that I do not have those addictions, for it only magnifies and can make the depression worse! After getting out of Sierra Tucson and coming back to Pocahontas, I made some big changes in my life and since have been blessed to be able to handle my state of mind to keep from relapsing. It’s a never ending battle, but I learned how to cope with life like GOD wants us to have. I Thanks GOD that I get stronger everyday that He gives me here on earth.

If one has never suffered with depression, it is almost if not impossible to understand how one feels that has depression and other mental diseases. I was as blessed as a man can be blessed when I had my breakdown, but that is not what my mind told me and I wanted out of that body I was in and wanted to destroy that mask that I wore. I got the help I needed and yes depression can be beat.

Tonight, it saddens me so much as to what Robin Williams did to his family and friends that I have tears running down my face as I type this. (One tid bit they taught me out at Sierra Tucson was to never use a tissue on ones tears, but only use a tissue to blow ones nose, and let the tears drop off ones face, for if you wipe ones eyes is telling yourself, one should not cry, when we all should cry more! It’s a cleansing for all kinds of feelings!) I have told my story to many people, but never to the world as I am doing now here on Facebook and through the internet!

As I grow, I’m proud to tell my story and not ashamed of it either, for mental disease is NO different than one that has cancer or any other disease! If anyone would like to visit with me about what I have gone through please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I have always said misery loves company, and I know I can not counsel one, but I know I can lead you in a direction that can help! I would say I’m finished with my rant and rave for the night, but this time this means more to me than any rant and rave I’ve ever put on Facebook! For I do not care if it’s a teenager or an older adult, I never want one to do to themselves and their families as to what Robin Williams did today. Robin was very sick and I know in my heart that he is with God tonight and no longer suffering, but I’m living proof that depression can be beat with the right help! God bless everyone that may read this.

Thank you Hank.


Just Being Jana

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Jana G.Showing the home of the sweetest little old lady yesterday, who is always happy to see me. I walked in the door and she gave me a great big hug. While I was waiting on my people, rocking in the chair and visiting with her, she reached over, took my hand and said “Now Honey, You have to tell me, are you just getting fat or are you expecting a little one?” She then followed my lack of response with “Oh, that’s right, you’re too old to get pregnant. Silly me!” Old people and kids…Gotta love their honesty… Now please excuse me while I burn half my wardrobe…
 Jana Caldwell can be found on FB; Sales Associate with Carter City and County Realty;  and   If you enjoy Jana’s humor, check out her new book, “Thursday Night Confessions” available on Amazon.


Have a great school year Patrick and Katelyn! Prayers go with you.

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Three of the ‘Walton Kids’ as they are today.

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Ben ( Eric Scott), Erin (Mary McDonough), John Boy (Richard Thomas)      

Ben was always one of my favorites of the kids, but of course John Boy was the heart of the show.   It is good to see them aging well.  They are certainly part of our TV experience.  I still enjoy watching the show,  rerun after rerun.  I look forward to seeing Will Geer and Ellen Corby interact, just loved them.

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