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School has started and old stress returns via dreams for the ‘Marm.

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Photo on 2011-10-19 at 13.02 #2For 23 years I was a resource specialist teacher with LA Unified School District. Besides teaching children with learning disabilities, a big part of my job was  to work with a school psychologist to determine eligibility for special education. The criteria to be eligible included low academic achievement coupled with a learning disability.  The psychologist tested for the LD and I tested for academic achievement. We both gave a series of tests which took some time to record into a report which was presented to the parents before the meeting and at the meeting.

I have been retired for 10 years, yet the stress of that part of my job continues to taunt me in torturous dreams such as I had last night.   Although I do not remember ever being unprepared for a meeting, in my dreams I have not done all the tests I should do, or I have not recorded it accurately, or I can’t find the information. Last night was a struggle to find my report. Turns out someone had put it in the school refrigerator. How ridiculous is that? The pressure of time was weighing heavily on me as the parent with an advocate arrived, I looked through the cold report and  could not find any testing for academic achievement.  I was so glad to wake up and know that wasn’t true.

During the 10 years of retirement I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed about having failed as a teacher working with the children. It is always about the paperwork. It was a rewarding challenge to work with the kids, even when they had such a difficult time learning, but the diagnostic work and paperwork were tiresome and time consuming.

 Stress on the job, it is hard to shake even after all these years. 

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B.SticeSunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Graveyard Fields. One of my favorite places. Some people feel sunsets are overdone but how can you have too much of something in nature as beautiful as a sunset?  Bill Stice
I agree Bill.  As the little boy said, “God sure does good graphics!”

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