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Lauren Bacall

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After I drew Robin Williams, picture, a friend asked if I planned to draw Lauren Bacall’s picture.  I decided to do that, so I drew one of her with that side glance that accentuated those amazing eyes. Then I went to a photo of her as an elderly woman, who retained a ‘classy’ look, a natural, beautiful woman in her 80’s. This is the drawing I’m sharing with you today.  


Aging With the Stars!

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August 12th I saw  the following picture of Lauren Bacall on her recent 89th birthday and  scheduled her to be seen today. Naturally I had no idea that her death which follow so quickly and that the picture would be an obituary.

 Rarely do we see a working actress at her age who has not become a plastic caricature of herself . Even if the surgery is successful, it is unnatural to see an elderly woman without a sign of her true age.

There is great pressure on a woman celebrity to remain wrinkle-free at all times for the camera, and not to show her age. We, the public, add our pressure in that we want to see them as they always were, deceiving us into believing that we haven’t aged either.  

There’s anything wrong with plastic surgery, I could use it  right now to erase some of  my many wrinkles, (increase greatly by weight loss) but I’m just saying that in this instance I’m happy to see a woman who is 89 who looks 89 and still retains her own identity and beauty, not the beauty of youth, but of maturity.  


Lauren Bacall – Beautiful at Any Age

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Sure she shows her age, but isn’t it refreshing to see a woman in the spotlight who is aging naturally ?  I think she is beautiful.  Some women just have ‘it’ and she is one. A plastic face can not show emotion, but she can.  I’m so glad she remained herself.  I love her as she is. 

Just Being Jana

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Jana G.

Was testing out the low fuel light in the Jeep yesterday. It flashed “37 miles” range, then it flashed “15 miles” range and then a few miles later I’m pretty sure it flashed “Get some gas, you Idiot!” Firm but effective. I like a car that knows me…
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