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Feather from Guardian Angel? Clay Crabtree offers his experience.

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by Clay Crabtree

This morning early as I had just stepped outside the back door by the pool a feather drifts ever so slowly down past my face and onto the ground right at my feet. It was the strangest feeling I’ve felt in a long time; I cannot recall this ever happening to me.

I knew that a meaning of some sort, or a superstition as some would say, was given to this happening. So I googled it.  

The meaning….sent from the Angels above watching over us, or from our Guardian Angel, as a symbol of their protection.

Whether true or not, what a wonderful feeling from just a simple little feather!!!

Thanks Clay.

What is an Analemma? Science Alert Tells Us!

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The analemma is the pattern the sun makes in the sky if you photograph it at the same time every day for a year.

 For a  detailed explanation go to




Tyrone and Jesse

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In 1939, Hollywood chose one of the most attractive actors, ever, to play the part of the infamous Jesse James.  Pictures of the outlaw show he was a good looking guy, but maybe he was glamorized just a wee bit by the remarkably handsome Tyrone Powers. Although Mr. James looks scruffy in this picture, he wasn’t hard on the eyes either, unless you were on the other end of his criminal activities.  How well do you think he measure up (in looks) to the incredible Mr. Powers?Jesse James 3914efb562c67141ceb046a30f1c129675

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