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‘Faces’ by Mary Taylor – In Remembrance of my sweet ‘Nanaw’

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Nanaw was a small figure standing next to her tall, handsome husband.  He was quiet and reserved, until he stepped into the pulpit and began to preach.  She was loving, arms outstretched, demonstrating the love of God in the way she interacted with others.  I’m not sure why she didn’t wear her false teeth, but imagine they were poorly made and ill fitting.  Most memories of her are without them, but it didn’t seem to phase her, she was just as outgoing as anyone could be.   This is not her, exactly, but in remembrance. A dear woman, teeth or not, well loved and respected by those who knew her.aging with a smile 2

From Arkansas Tourism . . . and artist Rebecca Ann Edwards

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Arkansas Tourism: Our friends at the King Biscuit Blues Festival just unveiled the winning entry for the 2014 poster contest.
This piece, entitled “The Blues Landscape of the South” is by artist Rebecca Ann Edwards and will be featured on official KBBF merchandise. The 29th annual King Biscuit Blues Festival will be held in historic Helena, Arkansas on Oct. 8-11.  


Weird? Yeah, some say that’s part of the ‘charm’ of the place. At least it isn’t boring.

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31. The Los Angeles Coroner’s office has a gift shop where you can buy beach towels, videos of gruesome local murders, and body bag luggage.

32. Life expectancy varies by twelve years between residents in Watts compared to those in Bel-Air.

33. Quentin Tarantino worked as a video store clerk in Los Angeles after dropping out of school.

34. Before the city was named Los Angeles, it was called “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula,” which in English means “The Town of Our Lady the Queen of Angels of the Porciúncula River.”

35. Los Angeles was Mexican territory until 1848 when it officially became a part of the United States.

36. The 1963 Baldwin Hills dam collapse is considered the first live televised disaster.


Cool Book Stores

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 The Last Bookstore – Los Angeles, United States

This piece of paradise is southern California’s largest independent bookshop, situated in a former bank that’s architecture has been preserved. Its marble columns and giant doors sit amongst hundreds of thousands of books. Besides attending its organised events, concerts and markets, we recommend you lose yourself in the labyrinth of dollar books.


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