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School Bells Ring for the Hershey Girls! When did they get so grown up?

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10600544_10152997067851729_8665820480387021757_nMom Lori commented:

“Can’t believe summer is over, but more than that I can’t believe my babies are growing up so fast. DJ ‘ s starting 6th grade and Hannah is starting her freshman year of High School. I feel the way I did the first day she went to kindergarten. Now if you’ll excuse me, I seem to have something in my eye.”



Lori, if you think you have something in your eye now, just wait ’til she starts driving that car! :  )












Just Being Jana

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10365807_799114010099451_7990177139169625360_nI saw a post on here last week (FB) about the age you should quit wearing and stop doing certain things. There were several but just to name a few… One was not wearing a mini skirt past age 27, one was no halter top past age 31, not to use acronyms like “LOL” past the age of 23 and the only one I was still of age for was no bikini past age 48. I was telling my family last night that I only had a month left for a bikini. That I will be 48 in a month and therefore outgrow the bikini. Without missing a beat Steph added, “Mom, I think you outgrew a bikini long ago, that’s the problem.” Took me a minute on that one… Happy and oblivious… That’s my motto!

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Daisy and Cooper

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Faces “Lady in Hat”

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lady in hat

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