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First Child, First Grandchild, Oh My! Let the music play!

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10645113_10204858863339729_4698780265644546221_n “Just take a picture of my stomach,” Alice said.

Housed safely within her is sweet Juliana, 21 weeks old, listening to classical music downloaded by her Daddy.  Special earphones, or tummy phones, were purchased to fit snugly on the mommy’s belly.  Grandma is standing by, amazed at the whole thing.

When I told my friend about it she  quipped, “First child!”

It is true that they are excited as anyone could be, and both working with children professionally, are concerned that their baby be given every advantage, and if listening to classical music can help, then do it!

As I thought about it this morning, remembering how Alice had said, “Just take a picture of my stomach,” that she was already putting the baby first.  It is just the beginning of thinking of her child ahead of herself, her well being, her needs, her health and happiness.

She’ll have until January to imagine life as a mommy, with maybe a few apprehensions, as all of us had with the first one, but when she holds Juliana in her arms, it will all become as natural as God intended.


Faces by Mary Taylor – Recognize her?

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Scan 5

Two Remarkable People. One silent by choice, the other by circumstance.

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Helen K and CC 1919

In 1919 Helen Keller met Charlie Chaplain.  She was photographed teaching the famous silent movie star how to talk in sign language.  I bet he caught on fast. 

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