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Another Mary Taylor – retired school teacher Mary Barry Taylor

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Mary and Tom Taylor with wiggle worms: Kyler, Dex, Gus and Charlie.

(Don’t you just know they are wonderful grandparents?)

Guest Writer: Mary Barry Taylor

Holland, Michigan

“As I drive by the schools in my area I am reminded that summer is ending and school is beginning. As a retired teacher I still need an academic calendar and it must be time for new markers!

To all my Children , Grandchildren , nieces, and nephews, and friends from Maine to California, to Aruba and Michigan I wish Godspeed. Have a year of more ups then downs. And oh those ups when a child gets it!  

When you bring light, kindness, hope and laughter into your day you shine the light of God and share in the mystery of how much he loves us. To teach is a great gift. I am thankful for all the days I had and glad you picked up the torch!”

Blessings, Mom, Grandma

Mary, thank you for allowing me to share your comments.  It is so important that we  keep our children, teachers, and staff in our prayers all year long, and you have made a good start.   What’s better than one Mary Taylor praying?  Oh yeah, it is two Mary Taylors!  God Bless you and your sweet family of wiggly offspring.


A Son’s Devotion

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Jamie was unable to see Mama for weeks during his horrific bout with cancer.  We are still thanking God for sparing his life.  He went from a robust, healthy looking man, to weighing 159, skinny for a guy 6’3.  When he was well enough to visit Mama again, she would cry and say it wasn’t him. It was hard to watch, but particularly difficult for Jamie.  I took his picture one day as he was holding her hand and she was crying that it wasn’t him.  He turned and said something like, “I don’t know what to do.”  Louise and I said to just keep holding her hand and talking to her.  It took several more visits and added weight for her to finally accept that it really her Jamie. This drawing is dedicated to my brother for his awesome devotion to our Mother.  God Bless you Jamie.

Speaking of the Judge . . . Stan comments

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Scan 5I didn’t get to read your blog yesterday and so I lost out to guessing the drawing of judge Judy. I sure enjoy her show but I some times think she shouldn’t call people stupid but that is her.—-Another good job Mary I do envy you and all who can draw.   Stan


Thanks Stan, I am enjoying drawing more than ever and it is fun being able to share my work with others who appreciate my efforts.  My sister Norma Sue beat you to the punch when it came to identifying the TV judge.  Thanks to both of you for being such faithful readers of the ‘Marm.

Speaking of Judge Judy, I enjoy the show too, but think she is much too harsh at times.  My biggest complaint is that she doesn’t show respect to people , especially those who have made poor life choices.  I realize that like many in public service, who only see people at their worst, she has a hard time mustering any sympathy for those who have made ‘stupid’ errors in judgment or break the law seemingly without a conscience.

Judge Judy speaks for many when she disdains those who choose to bring babies into the world without the legal protection of marriage, “You want your rights, then get married!” ; those who live off the government and spend the money for things other than what it was intended “Bert and I are paying for that!”  ; and those who come to court without proper evidence,  “Where did you think you were going today?”

With nine million viewers, and being paid more than all the Supreme Court Justices put together, I guess she feels secure enough to say whatever she pleases.  At times I think, “Judge Judy, you need to take a vacation, rest up or you are going to flip out!”    It isn’t always what she says as the obnoxious way she delivers her remarks.  I would be worried about my safety if I were the Judge but she seems fearless, like a banty rooster at 5 feet tall she takes on the biggest offender with the law on her side.

I wish her the best of luck and hope she remains safe, to teach us the law  with her shrewd insight and ability to recognize truth when she hears it. (at least she thinks she can)


Young Ingrid Bergman, talented and beautiful, a future of controversy and redemption.

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