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Speaking of the Judge . . . Stan comments

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Scan 5I didn’t get to read your blog yesterday and so I lost out to guessing the drawing of judge Judy. I sure enjoy her show but I some times think she shouldn’t call people stupid but that is her.—-Another good job Mary I do envy you and all who can draw.   Stan


Thanks Stan, I am enjoying drawing more than ever and it is fun being able to share my work with others who appreciate my efforts.  My sister Norma Sue beat you to the punch when it came to identifying the TV judge.  Thanks to both of you for being such faithful readers of the ‘Marm.

Speaking of Judge Judy, I enjoy the show too, but think she is much too harsh at times.  My biggest complaint is that she doesn’t show respect to people , especially those who have made poor life choices.  I realize that like many in public service, who only see people at their worst, she has a hard time mustering any sympathy for those who have made ‘stupid’ errors in judgment or break the law seemingly without a conscience.

Judge Judy speaks for many when she disdains those who choose to bring babies into the world without the legal protection of marriage, “You want your rights, then get married!” ; those who live off the government and spend the money for things other than what it was intended “Bert and I are paying for that!”  ; and those who come to court without proper evidence,  “Where did you think you were going today?”

With nine million viewers, and being paid more than all the Supreme Court Justices put together, I guess she feels secure enough to say whatever she pleases.  At times I think, “Judge Judy, you need to take a vacation, rest up or you are going to flip out!”    It isn’t always what she says as the obnoxious way she delivers her remarks.  I would be worried about my safety if I were the Judge but she seems fearless, like a banty rooster at 5 feet tall she takes on the biggest offender with the law on her side.

I wish her the best of luck and hope she remains safe, to teach us the law  with her shrewd insight and ability to recognize truth when she hears it. (at least she thinks she can)


Young Ingrid Bergman, talented and beautiful, a future of controversy and redemption.

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First Child, First Grandchild, Oh My! Let the music play!

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10645113_10204858863339729_4698780265644546221_n “Just take a picture of my stomach,” Alice said.

Housed safely within her is sweet Juliana, 21 weeks old, listening to classical music downloaded by her Daddy.  Special earphones, or tummy phones, were purchased to fit snugly on the mommy’s belly.  Grandma is standing by, amazed at the whole thing.

When I told my friend about it she  quipped, “First child!”

It is true that they are excited as anyone could be, and both working with children professionally, are concerned that their baby be given every advantage, and if listening to classical music can help, then do it!

As I thought about it this morning, remembering how Alice had said, “Just take a picture of my stomach,” that she was already putting the baby first.  It is just the beginning of thinking of her child ahead of herself, her well being, her needs, her health and happiness.

She’ll have until January to imagine life as a mommy, with maybe a few apprehensions, as all of us had with the first one, but when she holds Juliana in her arms, it will all become as natural as God intended.


Faces by Mary Taylor – Recognize her?

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Two Remarkable People. One silent by choice, the other by circumstance.

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Helen K and CC 1919

In 1919 Helen Keller met Charlie Chaplain.  She was photographed teaching the famous silent movie star how to talk in sign language.  I bet he caught on fast. 

Cool Book Stores

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Livraria Ler Devagar – LisbonPortugal

This is an incredible modern bookshop located in a former industrial textile warehouse. The building also houses advertising agencies, designer shops and art galleries. You can enjoy a coffee and admire the quirky surroundings, such as the sculpture of a woman on a flying bicycle. On Sundays it turns into a market selling antiques and crafts. What more could you possibly ask for?


Two Movie Greats, With Very Different Careers

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Bette D Sh

Bette Davis and Shirley Temple – Wonder what they found to discuss?  Both were valuable assets to their movie company, and provided great entertainment for movie goers.  Bette’s career lasted for more years than Shirley’s, but no one could have made a bigger splash or raised a nation’s spirits better than the gifted child actress.  She came along just at the right time.

Faces by Mary Taylor

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School Bells Ring for the Hershey Girls! When did they get so grown up?

August 25th, 2014 1 comment


10600544_10152997067851729_8665820480387021757_nMom Lori commented:

“Can’t believe summer is over, but more than that I can’t believe my babies are growing up so fast. DJ ‘ s starting 6th grade and Hannah is starting her freshman year of High School. I feel the way I did the first day she went to kindergarten. Now if you’ll excuse me, I seem to have something in my eye.”



Lori, if you think you have something in your eye now, just wait ’til she starts driving that car! :  )












Just Being Jana

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10365807_799114010099451_7990177139169625360_nI saw a post on here last week (FB) about the age you should quit wearing and stop doing certain things. There were several but just to name a few… One was not wearing a mini skirt past age 27, one was no halter top past age 31, not to use acronyms like “LOL” past the age of 23 and the only one I was still of age for was no bikini past age 48. I was telling my family last night that I only had a month left for a bikini. That I will be 48 in a month and therefore outgrow the bikini. Without missing a beat Steph added, “Mom, I think you outgrew a bikini long ago, that’s the problem.” Took me a minute on that one… Happy and oblivious… That’s my motto!

 Jana Caldwell can be found on FB; Sales Associate with Carter City and County Realty;  and   If you enjoy Jana’s humor, check out her new book, “Thursday Night Confessions” available on Amazon.


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