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Katelyn Turns Six . . . Going on Sixteen!

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FLASHBACK to 2009: One Year Old Katelyn – Pink’d – Brother tells all!

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SMZ Exclusive:


13744_1264649329241_1019994929_837486_455107_nYes it is true, beautiful Georgia blond bombshell Katelyn Borland celebrated her first birthday with an indulgence into all things pink that will have the whole pre-pre-preschool jabbering incoherently.  


According to her brother, precocious three year old Patrick, who is an eyewitness reporter for the schoolmarm:  

“I couldn’t believe it.  My parents stood idly by as she stole the show, trashed the cake,  and got higher than a kite on that pink frosting.

 I’m concerned that my baby sister is on the path of her idol, Paris Hilton.  She has the same hair style, intelligible speech and  well, look at her . . . pink’d from head to toe.  After the party?  She hit the bottle big time and had to sleep it off!  Can’t wait for my birthday!”


Katie VanderPloeg’s Edible Art – Every Kid Will Love This Birthday Cake!!

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Katie VanderPloeg

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Orange Peels

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Karla HarmerKarla Harmer says:

Soak orange peels in vinegar for two weeks in a sealed mason jar. Then pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. Use for cleaning or bug spray. This is great for ants!

Uniquely Souled Custom TOMS (FB) From Fayetteville, AR

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Thankfully we can’t remember how difficult it was to be born.

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A good reminder on Thanksgiving

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From 2012

First thing this morning, still in my pj’s,  I picked up my glasses and one of the lens fell out.  Oh NO!

I couldn’t see well enough to see the tiny screw that held it in place, but fortunately felt it in time to grasp it in thumb and finger..  I carefully put it in a safe place and started looking for my old glasses.  I never found them.  I did, however, find a pair of glasses I had bought from the 99cent store.  Since I have far vision, the magnified cheap glasses removed the blur, but of course I still couldn’t see up close.

I got dressed and went outside. It appeared that all my neighbors were gone for the day.  Everyone must be traveling for Thanksgiving, I thought.  I didn’t want to disturb any of my other friends who were preparing meals for their families, but since Tim and Alice were out of town,  I knew I needed someone with good vision to help me. I hated to spend all day unable to read or do any close work. It was time for a prayer.

“Lord, please send someone along to help me fix my glasses!”  

I thought maybe someone would come by walking their dogs.  Not being shy, I would have asked any of them for help.  Dogs were all home I guess, no one came by.

Walking out to the sidewalk I noticed that two doors up Margie and Dick’s car was home.  In less than a minute their door opened and out they came, going for a walk.   I called to them, told them my problem and they came to my rescue. Working together, they managed to hold the lens tightly enough to insert that tiny little screw into the tiny little hole.  WHEW!   My specs were fixed!

It gave me one more thing to give thanks for on Thanksgiving and it also was a great reminder to me and I pass it on to you  . . . if you depend on glasses make sure you know where an extra pair is in case of an emergency.

Thanks Margie and Dick!  Thanks Lord, for good neighbors and for lessons learned.

Thanks Giving . . . For Sisters and a Brother

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Without our parents the family will never be the same, but what joy to still have sisters and a brother.  I give thanks for each one and love them more than I can say.

AudreyMarie, Martha Katherine, Jamie Doyle, Linda Kay, Mary Etta, Norma Sue. With love and prayers.

Thanks Giving – For Things We Enjoy – Like Drawing Faces

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Do you have a hobby, a skill, a sport, a pastime that you really enjoy?  Then give thanks for it and appreciate the fact that you can do it.  That’s the way I feel about drawing.  I have drawn all my life but never have given it as much attention as I have the last few months.  Portrait drawing is always risky because people start over-analyzing and soon you hear, ” my nose isn’t like that, my ear  . . .”  It makes an artist leery about drawing friends and relatives, but I have been brave enough to attempt it the last few months.  

So far no one has sued me or tossed me out of the family!  

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