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The Cycle of Life – A roller coaster of emotions.

December 31st, 2014 1 comment

Going from the joy of a new grandchild to the heartbreak of losing my sister within a four day period is what I am calling an emotional whiplash.

 It has been on a roller coaster of emotion for a long time, the anticipation of my first grandbaby on one hand and the struggle Martha was going through fighting leukemia.

 Seeing Alice’s tummy getting bigger and bigger, seeing the ultrasounds and hearing the developmental stages,  buying baby things, crying at the thought of her, attending a shower, preparing for a little girl they named Juliana, and watching the calendar, such fun and happiness.

At the same time Martha was in chemo, getting platelets, suffering, having not one good day to follow another. She was courageous and fought a hard battle.  She didn’t want to leave her husband and family so she put herself through everything she had to, to survive.  Discouraged and depressed she knew her fate.  The doctors had given her little hope.  Such sadness and pain.

Juliana was born a strong, healthy baby, had to go through a time of struggle, through the birth canal, into the light.

Martha was sent home in the care of hospice and her family.  She too was preparing to be born into another dimension, it was a struggle until the struggle was over and she quietly departed this life into the next, into the light of His love. 

The cycle of life. 

Prayer Request

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It is much easier to relate to the birth of a newborn than it is to the last days, the last hours, of life. One brings us tremendous joy, and the other breaks our heart.

My sister Martha is home in the loving care of her family. I am sure it is the hardest thing they will ever have to do, but they would have it no other way.

She is with her husband of 65 years, and her daughter, who has devoted herself completely, not for days, but for years, to her parents’ well being. No one could have a more faithful daughter.

Suzanne is blessed with husband Bob, daughter Katie, and son Jon to stand by her with love and support. Please pray for them as they tenderly care and prepare to say goodbye.

 A couple of hours after I posted this my sister was released from the pain and suffering she has endured. Although we are never ready to say goodbye, we rest in the comfort of knowing that she was a believer in Christ and that she would see us again in Heaven.  
Prayers continue for her family.  May God comfort all of us.


We did it, one more time. Goodbye old year, you kicked us around a bit, but we made it anyway!

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We did it.  We made it through another year.  Through the good times, the terrible times and the in-between-times . . . with God’s help, we did it.

Let’s go into 2014 with as much courage and fortitude as possible. Thank you for being with me as I shared my life, my heart and my faith through this website.  It has been fun and rewarding in many ways.  May God Bless each of you.

Auld Lang Syne by Susan Boyle

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A Poem dedicated to our newborn Juliana. Thank you poet Jimmy Simpson.

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A Precious Bloom (Juliana)

by Jimmy Simpson

Upon the vine of life God shows,

His newborn flower where it grows,

Uniquely bright as on display,

She graces Heaven’s own bouquet,

With long anticipated shine,

That adds a luster to the vine.

New life emerges bright and good,

As only something God made could,

To grow and flourish in the love,

He gives to parents from above,

When prayers are answered to fulfill,

The joyous power of His will.

In time to come, for Heaven’s sake,

God’s gift will germinate and make,

A future blossom to be shown,

Because the vine of life has grown;

And makes another precious bloom,

For love to cultivate and groom!


JLS – 10/18/2014 

Two Young Men Whose Lives Are Going to Change Soon . . .

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When I wrote this, our Juliana had not arrived and we expected her in January . So, since she has already arrived, Tim’s life has already changed dramatically, Scott will know soon what Tim now knows.

Scott Hinsche, executive Pastor at University Christian Church, and my son Timothy Taylor are both expected to become Dads in January of 2015.  Both are going to have daughters.  Our prayers are with these Dads to be and their wives, and of course, their baby girls waiting to be born.  May God bless each one.20141025_201945

Goal for the new year:

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MET UpcloseGoal: Keep an attitude of gratitude and a joyful spirit

through a closer walk with God.



Another goal for the new year is that I may draw many more portraits, and that they will be a blessing.

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Just Being Jana

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I like to wear dresses. They make me feel pretty. And in this weather they make me feel pretty cold, so I decided to try out these tights I see in all the catalogs. Lord help me, what was I thinking? 
I go in to a store and attempt to pick out a pair that matches one of my dresses. The lady at the store told me “gray is the new black”. Alrighty then, gray it is. She also mentioned that they are quite the miracle worker in hiding flaws with their built in tummy tucker. You mean I can wear these and not have to walk around sucking in my stomach all the time? Put me in coach…I’m ready to play. I make my purchase and take them home. What happened next is somewhat of a blur. Lord help me, what was I thinking?
I have a routine of sorts getting ready for work in the mornings. I hit the snooze twice at 6am, get up, have my coffee, play on FB, watch GMA, then at 7, I wake Mike up and I proceed to shower and spiffy up for the day. It doesn’t seem like a strict schedule but my body has grown accustomed to it and goes through my routine flawlessly and on schedule. That was… before tights came into the picture. Lord help me, what was I thinking? 
I get Mike on his way to work, blow dry my hair and move into the getting dressed phase of my day. I lay my dress on the bed and remove the miracle tights from their carton. I then remove Demon Cat from atop my dress I laid on the bed. I continue with the tights. I scrunch them down like you would pantyhose and fit them over my foot. Ohhhh…cozy. I then have a 5 minute mental argument on whether to follow through with the one foot until on and then do the other or put both feet in and pull up all at once. My decision was soon made when Demon Cat spotted the loose foot of the tights flailing back and forth and pounced on it thinking it was some type of new toy. I wrestle the tights back from the cat and lock him out of the bedroom so I can continue in peace getting dressed. Peace? Lord help me, what was I thinking? 
I make my way back to the edge of the bed and continue to pour myself into this new found miracle garment referred to as tights. I get both feet in and pull the tights up my legs with little effort. Ohhh… they are warm! I then proceed to pull what I assumed was the “miracle” part around my hips and stomach. I then pick up the tight package and check the size because at this point I’m sure I had mistakenly grabbed one in a child’s size. Just as I feared, they were my size. I decide to use the sure fire jean method from the 80’s. I lie back on the bed and attempt to pull the tights up once again. Lord help me, what was I thinking? 
After 20 minutes of what I’m calling my morning workout, I am successfully wearing said tights. I continue to dress and try to regain some of the lost time of my morning. I hurry with my hair and makeup and gather my things to head to the office. I stop in front of the mirror for a quick look at what I worked so hard for. If I must say so I looked mighty shapely in them. I looked in the mirror, smiled and thanked the lord for helping me through this trying time. “Dear Lord, thank you for getting me to this point, thank you for all I have and if you don’t mind, Lord, please keep me from having to use the facilities today. Amen…”


Can you relate?

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