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Photo on 2014-10-27 at 21.19 #3It isn’t snow but friends, the rain is beautiful in my town. We have been in a drought for so long in So. CA that our water shortage is quite serious, so this is a blessing from above.

Of course, it will cause inconveniences and will add to our problems on the freeways, so we need to be prayerful for those who have to drive.  Unlike myself who can just stay inside, light a fire, grab a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.

Wherever you are and whatever your weather, I pray that your day will be a safe one.  Take time today to give thanks for whatever good is happening in your life.  Thanksgiving day may be over for this year, but we know that being grateful is an ongoing attitude.  No matter what turmoil may surround us, we still have much to thank God for, today and every day.


Redemptoristine Nuns, Dublin, Ireland

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These sisters have the most radiant smiles . . . I love to see their faces, from the youngest to the oldest, because  the Lord seems to smile through them.  I admire these women of Ireland, who have dedicated their lives to God.  

While there is a lot that may not be good about social networking, because anything can be abused, this is one of the positives . . . to learn about the body of Christ from around the world.   

May God bless each one.

From the lens of Bill Stice – Beauty For the Beholder

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A yellow Hibiscus flower. Taken in Bellingrath Gardens near Mobile, Alabama.

 Bill Stice


I posted this in 2009. Now it is coming true. I just wish little Ralphie could be here to greet Juliana.

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What we have here is a cry for help folks . . .

this woman is desperately in need of a grandchild!

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