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Making Connections

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Photo on 2012-12-28 ornamentMy grandmother is remembered for many things, including her skill at crocheting.  She left behind beautiful tablecloths, bedspreads and a wide assortment of lovely pieces of crochet. 

Her great-granddaughter Lori, who  finds connections to the past through genealogical studies ,  old photos, etc.  is the sentimental sort, and when she saw these crocheted ornaments, made in her own Keller, Tx, she thought of Photo on 2012-12-28 at 20.58 #2Grandma.  She also thought of her ‘Tante’ .  


(Lori was born in Germany and I arrived to teach school there when she was just nine months old.  I was the first aunt to see that sweet baby girl, so I got the fitting appellation of  ‘Tante’.   ( another connection to her history, and mine)


Thank you Lori. I’m the sentimental sort myself.



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