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Norman Bramlett – A Survivor of that infamous day. . . The Attack on Pearl Harbor

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One of the survivors of  Pearl Harbor, Norman Bramlett, one of our home town boys, poses for the camera in the ’40’s.

Looking at his youthful face I am reminded anew of the boys and girls who fill our military, who mature quickly as they face the reality of what it means to serve during a time of war.   

We remember all of our military  and thank them for their service, every day. May God protect them and bring them home.

photo shared by his son, Jimmy Bramlett

Chris Reimann – Pearl Harbor Remembered

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579979_422625747799963_622610618_nGuest Writer: Chris Reimann
December 7, 1941 is truly a day which will live in infamy. Aside from today being my late grandmother’s 87th birthday, this was the day – as I’m sure you know – that Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese, temporarily crippling the US Navy and thrusting the US into it’s most notable period of history (and my favorite period of history): WWII.
Today, we remember not just those who perished in the Pearl Harbor attack (namely those on the USS Arizona), but those who sacrificed everything during the war for a cause in which they steadfastly believed. We thank you profusely, we remember you, and we hope something like this never happens again.
On a related note: a few years ago I was on my way to Palm Springs and stopped for a few hours at Cabazon. While impatiently waiting for my mother to move on with our annual trip, I saw a rather elderly man sitting on a bench wearing one of those hats that naval veterans wear that say what ship on which they served. This guy left me awestruck because, as it turns out, he served on the USS Arizona; he was one of the “luckys” who managed to survive the ship’s attack.
It reminded me that nobility comes in all shapes and ages, and that luck – or blessings, or whatever you want to call it – should not be taken for granted (just like our soldiers).
Enjoy your day, count your blessings, and remember the sacrifice that was Pearl Harbor, and it’s consequence for the global community.
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