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Legend of the Poinsettia at Christmas

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There is an old Mexican legend about how Poinsettia’s and Christmas come together, ( tells it like this):

There was once a poor Mexican girl called Pepita who had no present to give the the baby Jesus at the Christmas Eve Services.

As Pepita walked to the chapel, sadly, her cousin Pedro tried to cheer her up. ‘Pepita’, he said ‘I’m sure that even the smallest gift, given by someone who loves him will make Jesus Happy.’

Pepita didn’t know what she could give, so she picked a small handful of weeds from the roadside and made them into a a small bouquet. She felt embarrassed because she could only give this small present to Jesus.

As she walked through the chapel to the altar, she remembered what Pedro had said. She began to feel better, knelt down and put the bouquet at the bottom of the nativity scene.

Suddenly, the bouquet of weeds burst into bright red flowers, and everyone who saw them were sure they had seen a miracle. From that day on, the bright red flowers were known as the ‘Flores de Noche Buena’, or ‘Flowers of the Holy Night’.

The shape of the poinsettia flower and leaves are sometimes thought as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem which led the Wise Men to Jesus.

The red colored leaves symbolize the blood of Christ. The white leaves represent his purity.

The message? Whatever we have to give him He accepts with love and makes better. Don’t be afraid to give him your heart.

A boy and his Mom . . . Elvis and Gladys Presley

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“Elvis’ mother died in 1958, at the time when Elvis was at the start of his career. When Elvis got the news of her death, he rushed to the hospital where she had been on observation for hepatitis. No one – no relatives, friends or Elvis’ father – could come through the condition of a total riot of minds that Elvis had at this time.
At the burial Elvis let go of a tidal wave of sorrow that embarrassed the funeral guests who had never experienced this kind of physical grief at a burial. With the death of his mother, Elvis went into a state of profound shock from which he would never fully emerge. To say Elvis was devastated, is the understatement of this century!! “



The loss of wife and mother. So sad.

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Elvis and His Father Grieve Over the Death of Gladys Presley.vernon_elvis_gradys_daug58  Life would never be the same for either of them.

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