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A Challenge for all of us from Guest Writer Pastor Debbie Healy

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10644970_10205329834190815_560094678716810121_nGuest Writer Debbie Healy, Co-Pastor at Celebration Church, Aliso Viejo

Spending time this morning with Papa God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit and thinking about this season we have entered into. Praying that each of us who know God and have experienced His goodness and love would be so full that everyone around us would truly encounter Him through us. I want to challenge us to the following:

1. To be like Mary and believe the impossible and enter into the incredible, fully participating and showing up, allowing it to transform our lives, changing us forever.
2. To be like Joseph full of integrity and compassion and willing to see things in a new light and follow the truth wherever it takes us; and to be willing to protect that which is entrusted to us in the face of whatever may come our way.
3. To be like the “Inn Keeper” and make room for the inconvenient, and the “I don’t have toos”. To have a welcoming heart that allows for the miraculous even if we don’t recognize it at first; an attitude that allows God to move in unforeseen ways just because we are willing and open and have seemingly little to offer.
4. To be like the Shepherds encountering the miraculous and not hoarding the experience for ourselves but telling everyone we can.
5. To be like the Wise Men, looking for a sign of God’s activity and being willing to follow it no matter the cost; who have eyes to see the truth and the miraculous in unexpected places and in unexpected people; and to give all we have, with joy, into the expectant hope of the unexpected people and circumstances; to be givers.
6. To be like Jesus and be willing to go and do and be whatever Papa God asks of us, to show the world His great heart and goodness.

Praying the joy, hope, peace and lavish love of Jesus be so overflowing in your lives that everyone around you benefits!


Asking and Thanking

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“Our Heavenly Father, During this busy time of the year we have things we want to do, and things we need to do, things we must do, help us to keep our focus and plow through the lists.  Guide and direct our decisions, give us wisdom, strength and health.  We thank you God for constantly abiding with us and making your presence known through our trials as well as our moments of relaxation.  We love you Father, in your Son’s name, Amen”



Want this to be your best Christmas ever?

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As we start the countdown to Christmas, why not put aside a little time every day to worship the Lord? Does that sound extreme to you?  

How can one ‘worship’ the Lord?  Whispering a few words of thanks, of praise, by singing a song that celebrates Jesus.

We want to have fun during this season, but we are not just rockin’ around the Christmas tree, we are remembering that the Christ of Christmas is also the Christ of Easter.

Accepting Him into our heart makes all the difference in the world.  If you haven’t, why not do it today? Then you’ll really know what Christmas is all about.  It will be the best one you have ever had. 

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