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Just Being Jana

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1924330_841031712574347_7859851243496353771_nThis morning when we were getting ready to leave I was frantically hiding presents because the kids were coming in. I had one rather large item I couldn’t find a place for. I tried shoving it under the bed, hiding it in the closet and even contemplated putting it back in the Jeep to hide. Mike said “Why don’t you just wrap it?” Or that…



Memories of ‘Home’ on Burrow Street

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Around the corner, first house on the right, sitting on 3/4 acre of land, is the only home I ever lived in with my parents.  

It seems small to us now that we think of it, but it didn’t seem that way then.  Our two older sisters, Martha and Audrey lived there for  only a few years before they married, leaving teen Norma Sue, pre-teen Jamie, tween-age me   and five year old Linda, who was born there. 

The larger two windows were the living room, and the smaller ones were the kitchen.  Mama washed many, many loads of dishes standing there,  looking out those windows. Her view was the large lawn, filled with play equipment and lawn chairs. She could see the large oak tree growing majestically on the rise of the hill. Looking to the right she could clearly see  the Assembly of God Church and the small parsonage where the pastor Sister Mary  lived with her husband, Bro. Joe Ramsey.

The house was being painted in the picture.  Daddy always kept it  in good repair, the lawn always manicured, while Mama worked constantly to keep the rooms neat and clean.  They had pride in our home and gave it tender loving care – inside and out.

I like to think of it just as it is in the picture, but sadly, it is gone, burned to the ground years after my parents moved from there.  

Life is endless change.  We can’t fight it, but we don’t have to like it, do we?


One of them thinks this is really funny. One, not so much.

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Just what you need, a prankster friend!10448215_996743453699569_5647895564042202780_n

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