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No tears for Santa this year. Mom is not sure to be happy or a little sad. Her babies are growing up!

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  The Borland Kids, Katelyn, Will, and Patrick

“This was the best Santa ever! He first asked the kids what they wanted and then told them he would make a deal with them. He talked to them about how this is a busy time of year for all the mommies and that if they would help out around the house and pick up their toys and clean their rooms then he would bring them what they asked for. I wanted to hug him!!”  

Mom Mandy

My Coat, Jimmy L. Simpson

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My Coat, by Jimmy L. Simpson

The Wintertime of fifty-two,

I had no jacket that was new;

Just a hand me down so worn,

That all the button holes were torn;

And safety pins that numbered three

Were where the buttons used to be.

Nonetheless I wore it more.

Than anyone had done before;

For even though that coat was bad,

It was the only one I had.

Then in December of that year,

As Christmas day was drawing near;

A brand new jacket made for me,

Was hung beside the Christmas tree.

Without a word I went outside,

To stand against the wind with pride;

I cried aloud and flung my dare,

As snowflakes drifted in the air,

“No more,” said I to Earth and sky,

“No more will I be troubled by,

An icy wind that will not spare,

A lad with nothing else to wear,

Except a coat that daily thins;

And must rely on safety pins.”

“No more, indeed,” said I unquote,

Then went inside with my new coat.


Thanks Charles Schultz

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