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A Poem dedicated to our newborn Juliana. Thank you poet Jimmy Simpson.

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A Precious Bloom (Juliana)

by Jimmy Simpson

Upon the vine of life God shows,

His newborn flower where it grows,

Uniquely bright as on display,

She graces Heaven’s own bouquet,

With long anticipated shine,

That adds a luster to the vine.

New life emerges bright and good,

As only something God made could,

To grow and flourish in the love,

He gives to parents from above,

When prayers are answered to fulfill,

The joyous power of His will.

In time to come, for Heaven’s sake,

God’s gift will germinate and make,

A future blossom to be shown,

Because the vine of life has grown;

And makes another precious bloom,

For love to cultivate and groom!


JLS – 10/18/2014 

Two Young Men Whose Lives Are Going to Change Soon . . .

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When I wrote this, our Juliana had not arrived and we expected her in January . So, since she has already arrived, Tim’s life has already changed dramatically, Scott will know soon what Tim now knows.

Scott Hinsche, executive Pastor at University Christian Church, and my son Timothy Taylor are both expected to become Dads in January of 2015.  Both are going to have daughters.  Our prayers are with these Dads to be and their wives, and of course, their baby girls waiting to be born.  May God bless each one.20141025_201945

Goal for the new year:

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MET UpcloseGoal: Keep an attitude of gratitude and a joyful spirit

through a closer walk with God.



Another goal for the new year is that I may draw many more portraits, and that they will be a blessing.

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