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The Cycle of Life – A roller coaster of emotions.

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Going from the joy of a new grandchild to the heartbreak of losing my sister within a four day period is what I am calling an emotional whiplash.

 It has been on a roller coaster of emotion for a long time, the anticipation of my first grandbaby on one hand and the struggle Martha was going through fighting leukemia.

 Seeing Alice’s tummy getting bigger and bigger, seeing the ultrasounds and hearing the developmental stages,  buying baby things, crying at the thought of her, attending a shower, preparing for a little girl they named Juliana, and watching the calendar, such fun and happiness.

At the same time Martha was in chemo, getting platelets, suffering, having not one good day to follow another. She was courageous and fought a hard battle.  She didn’t want to leave her husband and family so she put herself through everything she had to, to survive.  Discouraged and depressed she knew her fate.  The doctors had given her little hope.  Such sadness and pain.

Juliana was born a strong, healthy baby, had to go through a time of struggle, through the birth canal, into the light.

Martha was sent home in the care of hospice and her family.  She too was preparing to be born into another dimension, it was a struggle until the struggle was over and she quietly departed this life into the next, into the light of His love. 

The cycle of life. 

Prayer Request

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It is much easier to relate to the birth of a newborn than it is to the last days, the last hours, of life. One brings us tremendous joy, and the other breaks our heart.

My sister Martha is home in the loving care of her family. I am sure it is the hardest thing they will ever have to do, but they would have it no other way.

She is with her husband of 65 years, and her daughter, who has devoted herself completely, not for days, but for years, to her parents’ well being. No one could have a more faithful daughter.

Suzanne is blessed with husband Bob, daughter Katie, and son Jon to stand by her with love and support. Please pray for them as they tenderly care and prepare to say goodbye.

 A couple of hours after I posted this my sister was released from the pain and suffering she has endured. Although we are never ready to say goodbye, we rest in the comfort of knowing that she was a believer in Christ and that she would see us again in Heaven.  
Prayers continue for her family.  May God comfort all of us.


We did it, one more time. Goodbye old year, you kicked us around a bit, but we made it anyway!

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We did it.  We made it through another year.  Through the good times, the terrible times and the in-between-times . . . with God’s help, we did it.

Let’s go into 2014 with as much courage and fortitude as possible. Thank you for being with me as I shared my life, my heart and my faith through this website.  It has been fun and rewarding in many ways.  May God Bless each of you.

Auld Lang Syne by Susan Boyle

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