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The King of Saxony Bird of Paradise

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The King of Saxony Bird of Paradise (Pteridophora alberti) is native to the rain forests in the mountains of New Guinea. It is around 22 cm long and consists of two incredibly long (up to 50 cm) brow feathers that are rooted behind each eye sporting 40 to 50 flag-like structures that it can raise and lower voluntarily. These brow feathers are bright blue on top and reddish brown underneath and make these birds absolutely incredible and out of the world.

The King of Saxony Bird of Paradise feeds on fruits, insects and spiders. The adult males sing loudly to compete with other males and the sound they make resemble a screeching/clicking beetle. Fortunately their population is not in vulnerable category.




Giving Thanks: Words are woefully indequate

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Most of us say ‘thank you’ a lot.  Right?  It is part of our culture to follow many acts by saying thanks, sometimes it is all we need to say, but sometimes it is woefully lacking.20049111-smiley-which-raises-the-inch

“Here’s your burger and fries.” “Thanks.”

“Cute shoes.”    “Thanks.”

“Your brake light is out.” “Oh, thanks.”

“Happy Birthday!” “Thanks!”

“Here’s your mail.” “Thanks.”

“Let me get the door for you.” “Thanks.”

(High pitched squeal )”Thank you ,Oprah, for the car!”

Hawaii Elvisor Elvis’, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

There are some things, however, for which we can never give enough thanks, no matter how hard we try:

Thank you Doctor, for delivering the baby!”

 “THANK YOU Lifeguard, gulp, cough, spew, THANK YOU!”


“Mom and Dad, you gave me life, how can I say thanks?”15592380-smiling-female-patient-shaking-hand-of-doctor-with-nurse-in-hospital-corridor

“Heavenly Father, you have promised me eternal life, how can I ever thank you?”

Let’s face it.  We are inadequately prepared to express our gratitude in mere words.

Even the greatest wordsmith was at a loss,  so he simply said it this way:

“I can no other answer make, but thanks,

and thanks, and ever thanks.”

If that was the best Shakespeare could do, then I guess the rest of us can be excused.  

Oh yeah, “Thanks for stopping by today.”


Swap Chard for Bread? Well, maybe once in a while.

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I really like bread, so hearing I should cut back in order to save calories is not my favorite thing to hear, but it makes sense.’s trainer Adam Rosante suggests to skip bread during one meal every day, saving 180 calories for two slices of bread. images

Instead, wrap your sandwich in a few leaves of greens, such as chard, which is a tasty and nutrient-dense option at only 7 calories per cup- slashing 173 calories from your lunch.

Herbie didn’t feel like singing, so he sat this one out.

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Startling looking unnamed creature, shades of Yoda!

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This creature was found just a few years ago, and doesn’t even have an official name yet. Supposedly well-known for being the animal that most looks like Yoda…

Proud of these Arkansas Boys! Good Luck ‘Triple Threat’!

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Grandma’s Love, My Sweet Juliana is 5 months old today!

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Every Day is Mother’s Day!

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Clarence and Joe

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Clarence & JoeHey Joe, I hear you have a new horse.

Oh yeah Clarence, he’s a beauty, very polite!

Polite? How so?

Well, every time we come to a jump, he stops and lets me go first!


An idea that just might save precious baby lives.

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Two Twenty  posted a great reminder to anyone driving with a baby in the car. Simply stated: Take off one of your shoes and put it in the backseat.  You are not going to walk very far without your shoe.  When you go to get it, you’ll see the baby.

Think that it is impossible for a loving parent, grandparent or sitter to forget the baby is in the backseat?  Unfortunately, no.  Read a post added to the Two Twenty One blog in response to the suggestion about the shoe.

I received the following from a friend today:

Let me tell you a little story. So I was one of those people that thought I would never forget a kid in the car, I figured it only happened to people that don’t normally have kids with them so they could easily forget them if they did. Then last week I was going to pick up my two older girls from preschool and had the baby with me. When I got to the school I jumped out and went inside and completely forgot the baby existed. When I came back out with the girls I opened the door and saw the baby, I couldn’t believe it. I forgot him SO EASILY. Luckily I was only gone about five minutes and it wasn’t hot, but it scared the crap out of me. What if I had forgotten him when I went grocery shopping or something? What if it had been 100 degrees out (which it will be soon). I could have killed him. I now put my shoe in the backseat when it’s just me and the baby, and that’s because I saw your post. 


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