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New Year’s Celebration

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 So, do you have big plans for tonight? New Year’s eve celebrations will go on all over the world. What do you plan to do?  

When I was a young woman in Arkansas I would stay up until New York celebrated midnight and  Guy Lombardo played Auld Lang Syne.

 I always wanted to feel something exciting about the moment  a new year was ushered in, but it passed like all the others. A lonely feeling, a sense of disappointment filled me as I turned off the TV and went to bed.  No revelation about the future, just a mind full of unknowns in my young life.

 No longer young, I am not looking to the future as much as to the past and I’m grateful for the life I have had.  Painfully aware of the shortness of a  lifetime, sobered by the loss of Bill but yet joyful over my grandbaby Juliana, I face each new day  with hope and prayers.


A Sign of Love for the New Year!

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Dec 15

For Juliana 2015 represents 100% of her life. For her grandmother it represents only 1/73 of hers.  That is why the year has gone so quickly for me and yet has been a lifetime for Juliana. I pray for my darlin’ girl, that God will bless her with health and happiness, but most of all, as the years speed up for her, that she will feel His loving presence every day and that she will make the most of the precious time given to her. She too will learn, as we all do, that it goes much too fast.


Doggy on my bed?

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Reading the rules about dogs made me think of Ralphie, of course. He was an unusual little dog, a Cockapoo with a wonderful  personality. He has been gone now for a few years but people still mention him to me and what a funny little dog he was.  

As much as I loved Ralphie,  he did not sleep on my bed. Oh he would have been liked that I’m sure, but at the time I had a twin size bed and there just wasn’t enough room for him. Actually, there was room for the little 16 pounder, but he wanted to be next to me and I just could not be comfortable with him in the bed. The only time he slept through the night on my bed was the night I found out he had, as the  cardiac specialist said, “broken his heart”. It was the beginning of a two-year vigil, not knowing how long he would be with me. That night he was upset and so was I, and I sacrificed a good night’s sleep for him. If I had had my queen size bed as I have now, maybe he would have slept with me more, but I doubt it. I had to draw the line someplace with that sweet boy.

Muneca,  my 30 pound  Cockapoo,  is content to sleep next to my bed. Of course she is at risk when she is deep in sleep and I decide to get out of bed in the middle of the night. Her coat is black, as was Ralphie’s, and I can’t see her in the dark, so she has to watch out for my movement in the nighttime. She has had a few close calls, but I haven’t stepped on her yet. Usually when I wake her up she will go on to her doggy bed in the other room.  In her old age (she and I are about the same age) she tends to snore, and between the two of us I’m sure we must make  quite a duet in the night. Ha ha 

It’s a dog’s life!

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Juliana turns one! Didn’t that year go fast?

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One year ago today began a new adventure in my life.… being  a grandmother! Juliana  has changed our lives in many ways, and  she is a delight. A sweet natured  baby, very expressive, loves music, and is a busy little bee. I can’t look at her picture without smiling. She makes me laugh  every time I’m with her,  and I love her with all my heart.

Our heavenly father,  thank you for bringing this precious baby into our lives and for protecting her during this first year. We ask your continuing blessing on her,  that she will be healthy and develop normally in every way. Most of all we ask you to keep her close to your heart that she may always know you and  feel comfortable to talk with you in prayer and to know you as her Lord and Savior. Amen 




The Lull

December 27th, 2015 2 comments


There is a slight lull between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, isn’t there?  A time to take a deep breath.

Photo 200It is a time of recuperating from all the stress of gift-buying and giving, of planning and cooking, of traveling and settling.  It is a time when many folks start looking back, reviewing the year – The good and the bad.

It is a time when we remember the public figures who were part of our collective consciousness, and then of course the private losses of friends and family.

It is a time when many people resolve to correct some of the things they need to correct: become a non-smoker, lose weight, throw away stuff stored in the garage, attic, basement, etc.

It is a time when family members take stock and see who is no longer included in the family portraits: sometimes because of seemingly unforgivable acts of violence or abuse, or of lesser, unresolved issues that have brought a stand-off that stretches from a few months to years  . . .  a chasm increasing as time goes by, with little hope for bridging the terrible gap.

It is heartbreaking to read or hear of parents estranged from their children or siblings who have dismissed each other as if they were already dead.

The only bridge that can go from one point of view to the other, is made by God.  Surrendered to this engineering marvel, the chasm can narrow, hearts can soften, families can be restored, forgiveness can be offered and accepted.

Just one more thing: For reconciliation to work, you can’t rehash the old stuff.  It is like the garage stuff that you don’t need any more, close your eyes and give it a toss. Don’t drag it out of the trash bin, don’t drag it out of the blame bin, let it go.

We would be well advised to start the new year free of such burdens.  May God help each one of us to do that.  


A Challenging Distraction

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In case anyone wonders, I am still playing Backgammon.  It requires Photo on 2015-12-18 at 17.32 #3concentration and so it helps to distract me from other things less pleasant.

I am, however, still losing more than I am winning.  I am not sure what I am doing wrong.  The first part of the game I usually do really well, and then my game falls apart.  There are rare times when I get lucky dice throws and do pretty well, but most of the time I am on the losing end.

Who am I playing?  Here are some names from the last two days: Mojtaba, Pramesty, Misaki, Haider, Diksha, Toko, Imad, DeClan.  I like thinking of the thousands of miles that separate us, along with widely different cultures and languages, that don’t keep us from having a fun and challenging few minutes playing a game.

Yes, sometimes I play against names such as Doris or Jim, but I have to admit, I prefer the mystery of names that are foreign to me.  I have become an equal opportunity player – I will lose to anyone!  


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The main symbols of Kwanzaa are a mat, on which to put the things needed for the celebration, the unity cup used to pour libations, a candle stick holding seven candles, the seven candles, ears of corn, the Kwanzaa flag and a poster depicting the seven principles of Kwanzaa. The seven principles of Kwanzaa are: unity; self-determination; collective work and responsibility; co-operative economics; purpose; creativity; and earth.

The colors of Kwanzaa are red, black and green. The Kwanzaa flag consists of three blocks, one in each of these colors. Three of the seven candles are red, three are green and one is black. Each candle represents one of the principles of Kwanzaa. The candle holder is carved from a single piece of wood and its shape was inspired by the form of the Ashanti royal throne.

Kwanzaa was first celebrated in December 1966 and January 1967. The holiday was proposed by Maulana Karenga to give those of African descent a holiday to celebrate their own cultural heritage and the key values of family and community.  Although seen as an alternative to Christmas and thus possibly anti-Christian in the early years, many people now observe aspects of both festivals.

 Kwanzaa gained popularity quite quickly. It is now estimated that about 13 percent of African-Americans (nearly five million people) celebrate the festival in some way.

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