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When I Think About the Lord – Hillsongs

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Have you seen this?

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Remembering Glenn Frey

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backgammon update

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Hurray, I won!

Hurray, I won!

Yes I’m still playing backgammon and finding it  challenging and fun. I am almost to level 30 which means I’ve played a lot of games. I’m still losing a lot but I’m winning a lot more than I used to. I’m still playing people from all over the world with names I can’t pronounce .  I thought I would share with you the name I feel is the most unusual I have played up till now. I am not sure what country it would be maybe you can tell me. Hungary, Poland, Russia?

 The name is spelled Tziotziosz.

I just love playing people in different countries as I imagine how very different their life is from mine,  and yet here we are playing a game that is believed to be from 3000 BC. It originated in Mesopotamia, Persia,  which is modern day Iran- Syria.  When I play Iranians and they beat me I figure they’ve had more time to play. 

 I played one young man who must have been American. He beat me but it was a very tough match and he almost didn’t win. I wrote to him, “you won, but I made you work for it” he answered, “Yeah, it’s a good thing I used my deodorant.”  

I love the little exchanges that we get to pass back-and-forth on quickie little chats as we play. It is through Facebook that we are able to do that. Like I said lots of fun and I know it must  be good for my mind because I’m making so many decisions so quickly. Win or lose I think it is a win-win.

Happy Birthday to Lily Simpkins

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Happy thirteenth birthday to our sweet dog Lily. Here she is celebrating with our other dog, Lily’s older sister and best friend Sadie. (Lily is the blonde.)

Sidney and Linda Simpkins

Winter Entertainment for Jack the Cat

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” Jack likes to watch the birds and squirrels playing on the ice. 
He  went out earlier but got his little booty in fast !!”

 Kaye Starr Ferguson

From the Lens of Bill Stice – God’s Creativity in Perfection

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293367_245847018779420_2765964_n“A Ruby Crowned Kinglet. One of the smallest birds in North America. It’s total length from head to tail is about two inches. It is a winter visitor in North Carolina. Taken in my woods in Cary, North Carolina.” Bill Stice

30 Years Ago

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30 years ago Tim was a sixth grade student at my school. His teacher had him to come to my room to see if I had a TV they could use. They wanted to see the news about the shuttle. I had not heard about the disaster until he told me. Shock and sadness filled my heart the same way I’m sure they filled most Americans. So tragic .


Maybe not the MOST important, but high on my list too.

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