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From the Trained Lens of Bill Stice

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293367_245847018779420_2765964_n“How about a humorous image today? This White Ibis is holding a frog (long dead by this time) it had caught earlier. It kept attempting to eat it but the other Ibises in the area were chasing it ruthlessly. It kept playing “keep away” from the other birds but couldn’t stop long enough to swallow it. I watched it for several minutes and it still wasn’t able to get away far enough to be successful. This was at Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.”

Bill Stice

Reminders of English 101

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A Reminder We Need Every Day

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A Reprieve in the Midst of War

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Lori Ann was very young when her father Darrell served in Vietnam.  When he was given a few days of R & R in Hawaii, Lori and her mother Norma Sue went to be with him.  This is a picture taken at that time.

No doubt the memory of those days helped him through the remainder of his tour of duty.  It also helped a little girl remember ‘Daddy’.

On this Memorial Day, I am thinking of the families who wait for their loved ones to return, who pray for their safety, who rejoice when they return home, and weep when they do not.

To all of those who have served, or are serving now, we salute you with grateful hearts.

Stan Recalls Memorial Days Past

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An email from Stan Hicks:  (I posted this the last two years and  want to print it again , thanks Stan )
Good morning Mary,
I am sitting here at the computer, which I do more than I should. I just read an email telling about a family’s plans for Memorial Holiday.    The letter was good and full of fun things, good food and drink , boat rides and swimming .
It does sound like a fun weekend; but like other holidays, it seems we have lost the real reason for them.  I remember in days past how important this holiday was to my family. Days before the holiday we would have cemetery clean up and then the making of flower arrangements was started.
First the containers saved from previous years were cleaned up, repainted or recovered. This was a while before stores started stocking all of the beautiful plastic that we have now and that sort of thing was not in our budget  .
We would use fresh flowers if available at the time and would place them in a container of water on the graves. Also there were lots of home made flowers made from crepe paper and dipped in wax,  as I remember they were mostly made in the shape of tulips.  I guess they were the easiest to make. 
The small American flags were lovingly saved from year to year for our military folks . We spent a good part of the day  visiting different cemeteries –  laughing praying, crying and remembering.  After that then we would do the fun things. My dear mother was always good at taking care and visiting the grave sites. I have now taken over that responsibility and I enjoy it.
 I  remember how for years I would be walking with my Grandpa and he, while standing by Grandma’s grave, would take his cane and place it on the grave and say, ” You kids will be looking down at me next year”.  It was several years after that before we did look down at his grave.
Lots of memories, lots of emotions when I think of those who have gone before us.  

Mysteries of God

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Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, and Mary

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Solid Advice for All Ages

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A Matter of Faith

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Another creative guy out there some place!

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