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Santa Maria delle Grazie

August 2nd, 2016 1 comment


Have you been to this world famous site? I haven’t, but would like to.



Santa Maria delle Grazie (“Our Lady of Grace”) is a  beautiful church and Dominican convent in Milan, Italy.


The main architect was Guiniforte Solari, the convent was completed by 1469 while the church took more time.

During World War II, the night of 15 August 1943, bombs dropped by British and American planes hit the church and the convent. Much of the refectory was destroyed, but some walls survived, including the one that holds The Last Supper, which had been sand-bagged for protection.

[Just think how close we came to destroying this work of art.  So many  beautiful lives, so many amazing works of man , so many historical treasures, have been lost in war going back to the earliest generations of man.  When will we ever learn?]

The Last Supper, by Leonardo daVinci measures  (15 feet × 29 ft) and covers the back wall of the dining hall at the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie . Wikipedia

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