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Blessed Hope: Because He lived we shall also live

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ME2014-02-13 at 21.25Dear Friends,
We are not as people without hope. We have hope because of our belief in Jesus Christ. We believe that as we decrease in number on this side that we increase in Heaven. Does that make our pain less as we grieve the loss of those we love so dearly? Some, but not entirely. Grief runs deep, it comes in waves, catching us off guard, flooding us with memories and what if’s. It can fill us with fear and despair if left to have its way with us. But, we who are believers are reminded that when we are weak He is made strong in us. Through this God-given strength we put one foot in front of the other and continue, we do what we have to do, as we repeat to ourselves, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Civil War Drummer Boys

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More than 250,000 little boys served in the Civil War. Some became drummer boys, like these members of the 93rd Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry.

The youngest person to enlist in the Union Army was eight-years-old. Edward Black of Indiana. He enlisted in the 21st Indiana Volunteer Infantry as a drummer boy on July 24, 1861. He survived the war but died before he reached the age of 20.

Edward Black’s drum was carefully preserved by his mother and was eventually donated to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

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