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‘Thoughts in a Garden’ by Helen L. Marshall

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Thoughts in a Garden

by Helen Lowrie Marshall

Today, as I worked in my garden,

     I thought what a fine thing ‘twould be

If each of us could pluck the weeds

      From our garden of memory.

If all of the harsh and ugly thoughts

      And every unkind deed

Could be tossed aside, and the barren spots

      Replaced with fresh new seed.

And I thought, if we could visualize

      The memories to grow

Out of the seeds we’re planting-

      We’d live differently, I know;

We’d have more time for things worthwhile,

      The finer things, I’m sure,

And we’d plant the seed of a friendly smile

     Where a frown-weed grew before.

We’d give less thought to life’s humdrum cares

     That seem to have no end,

And we’d learn the interest an hour bears

     When invested in a friend.

And oh, I know, if we could see-

     As true as stars above-

What tomorrow’s memories would be,

     We’d have more time for love!

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