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From Arkansas to Haiti – Showing the love of God

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Carolyn TowellLadies from Pyburn Street Church of Christ, Pocahontas, AR  delivered handwoven mats to Heber Springs church for their journey to Haiti.  The sleeping mats are made from plastic store bags.  One mat requires 500 to 600 bags.

Great repurposing for plastic!  Blessings on all the women who put in hours and hours of time and energy.  God Bless each one and God Bless those who will rest upon the mats.  May they feel the love of Jesus in their hearts.

This is Carolyn Towell with her contribution.  Hard to believe that pretty mat is made from plastic bags, nice job Carolyn!

I wrote Carolyn on FB and asked  if one person made the mat alone or if others contributed.  She answered:

 “Several people crochet, but only on their own mat. We have to sort, stack, cut and tie before the crocheting can be done. Not all our ladies can crochet, but it takes a lot of time to prepare for those that do crochet. We have a good time meeting and getting everything in order. Hopefully this answers your question.”

It does, and I commend each one for their part in producing such a worthwhile project.  Someone will have a better night’s rest because of these women.  Blessings on them.

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