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My Daddy was a hard working man.  He worked hard from the time he was a small child, and the plow handles were cut short to accommodate the young boy in the fields.  He had little chance to have a consistent education, being pulled out to help on the farm just as he was getting interested.  Nevertheless, he was an intelligent man, and made the most of the opportunity he had.

Along with working hard, Daddy had the ability to fall asleep and take a nap in a moment’s notice.  Mama joked she thought he could go to sleep standing up. His catnaps during the day kept him refreshed and able to accomplish more than most in a day’s time.

During a visit home I sketched him as he snoozed.  Wearing his jacket, probably having been outside for a few minutes, he settled into the chair and his nap began.  I have so many loving memories of Daddy, what a blessing he was to us, and catnaps are good health practices, we are told.

Welcome to the World

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For most of us this is just the start to a new week, but for approximately 370,000 babies worldwide, it is their first day of life. That means 370,000 women ( give or take for multiple births) have experienced this life-giving moment, and with every woman there is a story – some joyous, some heartbreaking.  

For every birth there is a life with a destiny, and according to where in the world that baby is born, and the status of the parents, the child will have a chance at living long enough to accomplish the potential within them.

Most of us rejoice at the news of a pregnancy in the family, but we know this is not always the case. Even those that are met with fear and doubt, one look at that new human being usually triggers a response of protective love and commitment.

I  want to say Happy Birthday to our new citizens of the world and wish them well.

Our prayer: Dear Father, who gives all life, please bless and protect the babies and children on this planet, who come into life without choice, without the skills to care for themselves. Teach mothers and fathers how to be better parents. In your Son’s name, Amen

Me too . . . ; )

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